Release Notes 9/28
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  • Enhancement to CWELCC Reconciliation report to allow selection of which fees are included.

  • Fixed an issue with the CWELCC Reconciliation report, where the Paid amounts are not correctly applied resulting in the the Balance owing also showing incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue in Parent Portal that was not allowing files to be opened.

  • Enhanced discount logic to follow tuition price code units.

  • Fixed issue that was prorating subsidies, even when selecting to charge the full amount during the first/last billing period.

  • Enhancements to provide additional options on how CWELCC/All discounts are applied to enrollments

  • Sandbox password enhancements to not allow username to be part of password.

  • Enhance password complexity requirements to include at least three of these four items: upper case, lower case, number or symbols. Symbols allowed are `!@#$%^&*?_~-()[]+=\/|<>:;”

  • Security update for new minimum password length of 12 characters minimum.

  • Bug fix to not allow start date after end date when entering vacations on child/family page.

  • Bug fix to not require password when applying security deposits to invoices in months that are locked.

  • Enhancement to CWELCC Reconciliation report to add a new column labeled 'Unadjusted Subsidy'.

  • Enhance file size for uploads to 10MB on the parent portal.

  • Security update to minimum password length for parent portal.

  • Fixed issue that was not allowing users to reset their passwords due to double // in the URL.

  • Performance optimization for parent portal.

  • Other minor updates and enhancements.

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