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Release Notes 11/29/2022
Release Notes 11/29/2022
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Release Notes

  • Fix for issue related to Push notifications from apps not working

  • Minor bug fix for CWELCC report

  • Enhanced Invoices Report to include or exclude negative invoices

  • Enhanced filter on invoices page to allow search for negative invoices

  • Bug fix for Credit Application Report to correct show amount refunded

  • Bug fix to not require password when applying past credit to invoices with an applied date in an unlocked month

  • Enhance file size for uploads to 10MB on the parent portal

  • Security update to minimum password length for parent portal

  • Enhancements to allow users to manage withdrawal reasons, permissions are required

  • Enhancement to display name on online registration form in child profile

  • Minor bug fixes for Monthly Projection Report

  • Updated tax and billing systems

  • Minor bug fixes for Emergency Card

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