Get more out of your performance metrics after each workout

The workout summary screen appears at the end of each completed work-out and gives you a complete and in-depth look at your performance over the session.

What data is displayed?

We focus on total time spent training, total calories burned and overall heart rate zones, including how much of your workout you spent in each zone.

This calories and time data is based on the workout session and calculated based on the details we already know from your profile.

Connect your Apple Watch to get the most out of the training

Where is all the data stored?

Finalising any workout is a reason to celebrate. We want you to keep track of your achievements, so you can always find each workout's data in your profile.

From your Mentra application, tap on your "Tracking" icon at the bottom right in the navigation bar.

Tap on "View activity log" where you will find a full list of your activity since you joined Mentra, and the metrics for each of the workouts completed.

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