Real-time performance metrics to get you moving

Two metrics will appear on your screen within a few seconds of joining a new workout: calories and heart rate. Soon you will be able to customise them and choose what to display during a workout yourself

Follow calories burned throughout the workout

Using your personal data, we accurately estimate your calories lost within a workout, based on intensity level and length of training. This will give you an overview of your performance and help reach your goal if you want to lose weight

Track your heart rate and effort level by following the pulse zones

We use the Heart Rate Zone methodology, which works around five different zones, each reflecting a different level of effort and offering a specific benefit. Each zone will provide a percentage based on your maximum heart rate (MHR).

On your Rflex, you'll be able to see your heart rate and your current zone in real-time. We also show you the "Target" zone, which is where you should reach at that point of the training. This is not a warning metric, you can workout out of the target zone without a problem.

For questions or more details on heart rate and the metrics we display, contact our team.

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