Rflex is the name of our physical product; the fitness mirror itself!

Rflex is an interactive mirror in a Nordic design with touch-screen function, which allows you to see the trainer and yourself at the same time, to perfect each exercise. With hundreds of cardio, strength and yoga workouts available – both live and in the library – it's easy to train whenever and however you want. When the Rflex is switched off, it functions as a mirror in a beautiful Nordic design and thus becomes a natural part of your home. The mirror fits into any room in your house, whether you want to work out in the office, the living room or in the gym.

Rflex is connected to a mobile application, the Mentra app, which gives you a full overview of your training no matter where you are.

Mentra is also a family-friendly experience. The fitness mirror can be connected to five unique users so that the whole family can participate! This is included in the subscription price.

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