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Savvy Pay FAQ's
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SavvyPay is the only fully integrated payment processing and POS for the pet industry.

All support in one place, come direct to us!

Where can I use Savvy Pay?

  • You can use Savvy Pay in Savvy to request a deposit via SMS or email as you create an appointment.

  • Savvy will also send out a reminder in your automated reminders if the customer has not paid

  • Email invoices for customers to pay directly (at the bottom of the invoice)

  • In the customers portal customers can view and pay invoices

  • Online booking, you can hold card details with the no show/ late cancelation policy enabled (in Savvy Pay payment settings configuration page)

  • Payment plans or VIP plans to get paid up front or each month automatically

  • In person with a Savvy Pay Card Machine

What are the terms of using SavvyPay?

There is a £5 minimum spend for customer transactions.

There is an initial usage of 3 months when you get your card machine, if you decide to not continue to use the card machine charges may apply.

The minimum spend per month is £1,000

What happens if I don't reach the minimum one month?

The £1,000 is taken as an average over 12 months.

There is no charge the first time the minimum is not met, if the average is below, however the second month you will be asked if you would like to return the Card Machine or pay for the Card Machine.

When do I get my money?

Adyen our Savvy Pay payment provider will pay out directly to your bank account completed transactions in one full working day… dependent on customer funds

How do I set up SavvyPay?

In your account you can activate your Savvy Pay. Savvy Support is here to help.

How much is a card machine?

We have no monthly fees.

The card machines remain the property of Savvy and must be returned if no longer in use or charges will apply.

AMS1 Features

The AMS1 is the card machine we now use, this fully integrates with Savvy so you can click to take a transaction in a savvy appointment which wakes up your card machine to take the payment.

Link it to your Savvy Reports.

It is full colour touch screen, sturdy and robust.

To be used in a salon, mobile or at trade shows!

It comes with a USB charging cable.

How do I order a Card Machine?

Once you have been verified for SavvyPay by Adyen, scroll to Card Machines and click to set up a store and order your card machine here.

How do I set up my card machine?

Your card machine will arrive already linked to your store.

Turn the machine on, connect to Wi-Fi and back on the home screen after any needed updates you will see your store address and you can click YES to onboard your store to your card machine and now you are ready to take payments through Savvy!

Can I take cardholder not present payments?

Not currently, this feature is in the pipeline and will be coming soon. Watch this space!

Who is Adyen?

ADYEN is the bank that backs Netflix, Uber, McDonalds and Spotify payments.

They offer 24/7 support 365 days a year.

How much does it cost processing funds with SavvyPay?

UK Fees (GBP England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Southern Ireland)


1.3% + 10p

UK Online

1.3% +10p

International / Corporate Cards

3.95% + 10p



Pre Authorisation Transaction




Payout Frequency

Transaction +1 day

USA Fees



US Online


International / Corporate Cards


ALL + 0.20 per transaction


0.08 USD

Pre-authorisation transactions

0.12 USD

Payout For Single/Multiple Transactions

0.20 USD

Payout Frequency

Transaction +1 day

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