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Savvy Pay Card Machine
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AMS1 machine

This is a fab machine with a touch screen.

Very easy to set up and use and fully integrated with your Savvy system.

In your package you should have

  • A box with your machine

  • Inside the box is a small charging cable to use to charge your machine.

  • Also inside your parcel will be a plug adaptor.

Your machine should come with a bit of residual power though so that you can get it set up and get going right away.

To start using your machine:

  1. On the top right hand side of the machine is an on switch

  2. Switch it on and give it a moment to fire up.

  3. The first screen is to confirm language

  4. Then you will be asked to set up wifi

  5. When it finds your wifi, click on it and pop in your password. (You can use a hotspot on your phone if you don’t have wifi)

  6. Click to connect

  7. Wait a few moments for it to connect.

  8. Click the back arrow bottom left and it will bring up your store.

  9. If the store is not your store, let us know!

  10. If the store is correct then click yes - or contact us.

  11. Wait for it to set up…. And the Savvy Pay logo should now be visible on the screen

To take a payment:

  1. Refresh your Savvy the first time you want to use your card machine, pressing ctrl(cmd)+shift+R at the same time will refresh it.

  2. In your calendar screen, click into the appointment you would like to charge for.

  3. In the appointment window, click the ‘payment’ tab.

  4. In the payment tab make sure the value is correct, add on any extras now!

  5. At the bottom of the screen the ‘Savvy Card Machine’ button will be pink, click this to take a payment, check the amount then click pay.

  6. Your card machine will wake up and your client will be able to tap it to pay (contactless up to £/$100, minimum transaction is £/$5).

  7. You can choose to ask your clients via the machine if they would like to tip. Set this up (or switch this off) in settings - payments - payment settings - store - request card machine (the same place where you ordered the machine).

To see your transactions:

  1. Go to transactions > enter the passcode to view

  2. In Savvy > left menu > reports > SavvyPay, in here you can view all payments made, and toggle to payouts to view all payments made to your bank > click the icon far right of each payout to view all included transactions.

To obtain the Totals report:

  1. Select Transactions > Totals.

  2. Enter the Transactions menu passcode.

  3. You can now:

    • View a Totals report for the period shown at the top of the report.

    • Start a new reporting period by selecting the reset button:The totals from the previous period are no longer shown.

To Refund:

In savvy click the top right person icon > my earnings
All payments made into Savvy will show here, you can filter by customers name
Any SavvyPay transactions will have a refund button far right, Click this to initiate a refund > check the amount to refund > when successful you will see the refund pending.


If you need to change your wifi, your machine may ask for a code. The code is 5044
If you want to access the configuration menu for transactions etc (this is all visible in your Savvy so you don’t need to, but just in case) the code is 0856.

The Savvy Pay card machines remain the property of It’s All Savvy, if you have any problem with the machines do let us know and we will be able to order you a replacement. If you wish to stop using your machine (or Savvy) at any time, come through HELP and we will arrange for your machine to be collected and returned to us here at Savvy HQ.
Please keep you box and original packaging

You can also view this manual in Savvy in the settings cog > payments > payment settings > scroll down on the Savvy Pay tab and under the image of the AMS1 card machine click 'manual'

If you need the passcode at any time you can also pop into help and we can give them to you in there too.

Any questions, do come through the chatbox anytime or email us and our team will be happy to assist!

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