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Using Savvy Pay requires a business bank account
Using Savvy Pay requires a business bank account
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Business account requirements:

  • Company details including business registration number

  • UTR number for sole traders

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner information

  • Including a valid passport/ID

  • Bank account listed in the business name

If your bank account is listed in a "doing business as" name, please add this information to the company details section

If you are a sole trader in the U.K. with a business bank account, you will need a business account on Savvy Pay. Please follow the steps below to verify your account as a U.K. sole trader.

Enter the legal business name on the account as your name

Enter your trade name in the DBA field. If the DBA field matches the bank account name, it will be approved

Enter the first 8 digits of your UTR number in the Company number section

Upload an HMRC document from the last 12 months. Your name and UTR number should be on this document

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