On the Scale-Up NZ platform, sign up using your Google account, LinkedIn account, or email address. Use the drop-down menu to select your business type.

If you are accessing the site from a mobile device or tablet, you may need to switch to desktop view to be able to access the full features of the platform. A help guide on how to switch to desktop view is available here.

Once you've logged in your picture (or an icon with your initials) will show on the top right of the screen. Click on it to view your profile options (this is where you can add or change your profile picture) and add your company.

Once you click on Add your Company, a new window will pop out, where you'll have to choose the type of the company you want to add. You can choose from a Company, Hub, Investor, or Multinational. You can create multiple business profiles from a single account.

For this guide, we'll focus on the Company adding process, but the process is very similar for the other options.

Once you enter your company's name, you'll be redirected to the profile section. Please note: your company may already be listed! If it is, you will see it appearing as a search result once you finish typing your company's name.

General Info

The General Info page is where you'll be requested to fill in some details about your company.

Please pay special attention to the following fields:

Founded: the date of your company's foundation. If you can't remember the exact month, just estimate.
Funding Stage: your current round. For example, if you've raised a Seed round and are now starting raising for an A round, mark it down as Seed.
Product: your current product stage.
Company Website: if you're still developing your product and don't have a working website yet, please let us know! Otherwise, we'd like you to add your website so we can validate the information you provide.


One Liner: one sentence describing what your company is all about.
Description: no more than three paragraphs describing what your company does and what makes it innovative.
Tip: Avoid using buzzwords and provide more details about your specific innovation and product/service.

Contact Information

In this section, please provide public contact details for your company, including the address of your headquarters/main office.
Tip: You can only add one social media link at this stage but can add more to your profile later if you wish.


Once finished, you'll be able to review your profile and add more details, such as Tags, News, and add more Social Links and Team Members

Please note that you will be added as a team member to the company profile by default. Please check to ensure that the job title against your name is correct and update it if necessary.

For more information on how to update profiles, please refer to these help articles:

When your profile is ready, we will review it before final publication.

And that's it! You're now part of the Scale-Up NZ community!

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