Scale-Up NZ is a freely available tool that anyone can use to find information about the NZ innovation ecosystem and to make connections, however not all organisations will be eligible to have a profile included on the platform.

Our eligibility criteria

To have a profile on Scale-Up NZ you must meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your company is innovative, ambitious and was founded or is headquartered in NZ. It should offer something new or operate in a unique way and intends to grow, evolve or disrupt the status quo.

  • Your multinational is physically present in NZ and active in the NZ innovation community, for example through undertaking research and development (R&D) within NZ.

  • Investors are individuals or business entities that invest in innovative NZ companies.

  • Incubators support seed and early-stage start-ups, and actively invest in and help commercialise complex technologies. Incubators should aim to take concepts to the next level by building a business around the technology and taking it global.

  • Accelerators operate a company development programme for a batch or cohort, in which companies are selected for participation. These programmes last for a defined period that usually concludes with a demo day or pitch event.

  • Entrepreneurship programmes offer a company or founder development programme that focuses on entrepreneurial skills and/or supports the commercialisation of innovation.

  • Co-working spaces are office complexes that encourage collaboration between resident companies.

  • Communities are groups that have a direct or substantial indirect impact on the New Zealand innovation ecosystem. Communities must have common ground (a shared interest), common space (a physical and/or virtual space whether the community interacts) and community leadership (someone responsible for the continuation and success of the community). Learn more about communities here.

To be included in Scale-Up NZ, you must be a legitimate, active and registered business or entity, searchable on a register administered and maintained by the NZ Companies Office (including the charitable trust, incorporated society and limited partnerships registers). Note: Communities do not need to meet this requirement.

When you upload your company details to Scale-Up NZ, we will review the information you have provided to ensure you meet our criteria and will contact you if we have any questions or concerns.

Don't meet the criteria?

If your organisation does not meet the eligibility criteria, you are still able to use Scale-Up NZ as an individual to find information and make connections. Please also note that new organisation types will be added to the platform over time that may mean your organisation could become eligible in future - watch this space!

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