As New Zealand’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation's purpose is to activate innovation and help businesses grow faster for a better NZ. Scale-Up NZ is one of our key strategic initiatives to help connect and showcase the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Aotearoa NZ, by providing a platform to connect innovative NZ companies with funders, support organisations and other collaboration partners, to support their growth and long-term success. You can learn more about Callaghan Innovation and what we do here.

Why is Callaghan Innovation providing Scale-Up NZ?

Based on discussions with our customers and partners across the innovation ecosystem in Aotearoa NZ, there is a recognised and pressing need for a neutral platform that provides better visibility of innovative NZ companies, to support investment and partnership activity. 

Created from a model that is hugely successful overseas, Scale-Up NZ makes it faster and easier for ambitious companies to find and connect with the people, capital and other help they need to innovate and grow. 

Previous attempts to build platforms of this nature in NZ have faced significant challenges in achieving scale and ensuring data is accurate and kept up to date. Those that have been successful tend to focus on specific industry verticals or are behind paywalls, limiting their reach and accessibility. Scale-Up NZ will be open to all innovative companies and will be free to use.

How does Scale-Up NZ benefit companies?

Scale-Up NZ showcases Aotearoa New Zealand’s innovative companies to the world, and makes it faster and easier for companies to find and connect with the people, capital and other help needed to innovate and grow. Also profiled on the platform are the funders, incubators, accelerators, multinationals and others who support or partner with businesses. 

You can find key contacts for companies or potential partners you’re interested in (eg that work in the same or complementary sectors, or that are located near you), and ask for facilitated introductions to key people – extending your network and helping create connections that matter. 

You can get the inside track by diving into verified details of the latest investments, deals, and start-ups. The platform allows you to undertake in depth analysis using the comprehensive search tag feature, and improve your understanding of market trends in the NZ innovation ecosystem. 

What metrics are measured by Scale-Up NZ?

We measure the number of entities present and active on the platform, including activity measures such as page views, time spent, volume of searches and introductions requested.

Ultimately, the success of the platform is reflected in an acceleration of collaboration and innovation activity, enabled by the greater visibility that the platform provides.

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