1.  Creating Recurring Jobs

If you're creating a new job or editing a job already in your account, you can schedule recurring appointments by using the drop-down under 'Repeats' in the 'Job details' section.

Once you choose an option in the 'Repeats' drop-down, a few more options will show up. 

Update how often the job should repeat under 'Repeats every', and update if and when the repeated jobs should end in the drop-down under 'Ends'.

2.  Splitting Jobs

There are a couple of ways to initiate a split of a job. 

  1.  From the current job, click the drop down on the 'Save & Close' button to Select 'Save Copy & Split'

  1. Click the link that says 'Split' under the job from the main 'Jobs' screen in your account.  refer help article https://intercom.help/scheduleflow/frequently-asked-questions/how-do-i-split-a-job

  • In each case, FieldInsight/Scheduleflow will display the app calendar where you can pick a date and time for the new job.

  • In the job editing screen will open where you can update the job status, technician and include notes if necessary.

  • Once the new job has been created from the split, it will be added to all the jobs with an 's' added to the job number.

You may be presented warning messages for Inventory Items (if there are any on the original job

You may be presented with a warning message if this is a job in a recurring series.

3.  Job Status and Unscheduled Jobs

Each job in your account will display in a different color code depending on its status. 'Completed' jobs show up in green, 'Scheduled' jobs in blue, 'Accepted' jobs are light green, etc.

As part of your team's workflow, a best practice would be to change the status of a job based on key steps. For example, a job could go from 'Scheduled' to 'Accepted' when a technician is assigned, and to 'Invoiced' to 'Completed' once payment is received.

There's technically no 'Unscheduled' job status in your account, but you can tick the 'unscheduled job' flag on the job screen.  

The job will move to under the mini calendar on the left.

Changing the status on unscheduled jobs to 'Tentative' can help your team know which jobs require follow-up with the customer.

To see all unscheduled jobs in your account, click the 'Unscheduled' tab in the tabs on the 'Jobs' screen.

4.  Using Custom Fields with Jobs

You can create a custom field connected to job status changes -- for example, a text area field where technicians enter notes if a job status is changed to 'Incomplete'. Click here to find out how to create custom fields in your account!

5.  Sharing Jobs: Printing and Emailing

Print:  Click the 'Print' button on the job you want to print from the main 'Jobs' screen in your account.

Printing a job from the main 'Jobs' screen.

Emaling:  To send an email about a job to a Technician, select the job and look under the 'Job details' tab. Click the 'New Message' link.

Check the relevant box under 'Send email' beside the Technicians name.

You can click the 'Edit' button to make updates to the email before sending.
Click the 'Save' button to send the email.

What's Next?

Take a look at your team's schedule using the Scheduleflow Calendar.

Need to update your team's availability? Click here to find out how to update your team's schedule.

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