There are times when your just don't get everything done and you need to go back, or you get called back because of a fault or error.

If you don't want to create a new job and consider it seperate you are able to open the original job and split it.

This will means, you will track all visits, hours under the same job number rather than over several.

Open the job

From either the schedule

From the jobs tab

The open job with all the details

You have now been transferred into the schedule for you select when you will go back to that job.

The yellow box has your job information. Once you click on the calendar the job screen will open

Edit any job details necessary in the job editor screen.

The new job will have a 's' in the job number.

In the job, both jobs are listed under the visits

You can create a single invoice with both jobs.

Learn More

Click here to learn more about editing, sharing and splitting jobs.

Note; when you split a recurring job you will be prompted whether you want to edit a single job or the series.


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