Parents and guardians can be assigned as a financially responsible party for students. Parents with this assignment can access and sign contracts.  Admins can then send emails to financially responsible parties or export this information as part of student data.


How-To: Set Financial Responsibility Assignments and Splits

Schools can decide if they want to setup who’s financially responsible prior to contract generation or later on after contract generation.  It only needs to be setup once and these settings will save year over year but can be manually adjusted on a yearly bases. Only parents with the financial responsibility enabled can access and complete a student's contract.  

How are Parents Assigned/Unassigned Financial Responsibility?

All parents/guardians in the system are setup with financial responsibility automatically within the student record.  The financial responsibility assignment is an important requirement for contract and billing access.  It's also important for communications so that you can email recipients that have this tag.  A parent/guardian without this flag enabled will be able to see the contract checklist item listed, but will not be able to access and sign the contract.  The blue "complete form" button won't display and they also won't see the 'billing' tab in their child's checklist.   


How-To: Use the Financial Responsibility Flag with Dual Signatures 

All parents/guardians that have financial responsibility set to 'yes' will appear on the invite signer pages of dual signature contracts.  Anyone with the toggle set to 'no' will not display as an option.  No other contacts can be invited to sign unless they're created in the student record, authenticated, and have the toggle set to 'yes.'

What if only one parent is assigned financial responsibility?

  • If dual signatures is triggered, and only one parent is set as financially responsible, the school will need to enable access for a second parent/guardian.  

What if there is no second parent/guardian?

  • If there is no second parent/guardian, you can turn dual signatures off within the Admissions tab of the student record, and set the field "Trigger dual sigs" to 'no.'  Please note, your field name may vary slightly.  If you not have this field, please contact Support to have it added.  The contract can now be re-generated within the 'Manage Contract' menu of the record so that only one signature is required.


Financially Responsible Emails 

Sending email(s) to 'Financially Responsible' contacts will send the email to any contact that has the toggle set to 'yes.'


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