SchoolAdmin Billing is a natural extension of the enrollment and contract process after all of the tuition and fees are set within your site. It's a tight integration between enrollment and the billing process which avoids having to feed all of the data into a third party system with an additional log-in for parents.  This seamless process helps schools stay connected with their families because they have better control over the messaging and the process. It also saves parents time from going into another system as well as the school's time to setup the transfer of its fees into another system. 

To get started with SchoolAdmin Billing, review the items below to setup and customize your process.

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Payment Plans and Schedules

You can view all payment plans and their details within Settings-->Financial-->Payment Plans.  You'll need the following items setup for each payment plan:

  • Make sure all payment plans have a schedule.  

  • All payment plans need a payment due date and a percentage amount due.

  • Payment plans and schedules must be displayed within the contract.

  • Within this page, you’ll see a red triangle if a schedule hasn't been setup for the payment plan.  


  • Click here  for general information about payment plans and schedules.

  • Click here to learn how to setup payment plans and schedules.

Billing Categories


Within Settings-->Financial-->Billing Categories, you'll need to review existing billing categories and setup any additional billing categories as needed such as late fees or activity fees.  Most billing categories will be applied to the student, except in the case of late fees, where the parent is solely responsible for this amount.  

Billing Category Order 

IMPORTANT: The billing categories must be organized in the order that you want payments to be applied, based on the balance due.  When an automatic payment is processed, that payment is applied to the balance due in the order of the categories in this page.  Let's look at an example:

  • Each parent has a ledger with a total amount due.  This amount is comprised of tuition, general fees, etc.  Say Parent A has a balance of $1,000, where $800 of that is for tuition and $200 is for additional fees.  If the parent makes a payment of $500 and Tuition is the first billing category listed, then that $500 will all go towards the Tuition since its the first one in the list.  This also means that if they make another payment of $500, then $300 of that will go towards the tuition to finish paying that amount off, and the last $200 will go towards additional fees. 

Fee Allocation

Parents can overpay or underpay the amount due, however, they can't allocate what fees their money is applied to.  This is dictated by the billing category order and where there's a remaining balance.  The school can make these adjustments directly within the parent's billing record by applying a credit to an amount that was overpaid and a charge to an amount that was underpaid.  


  • Click here to learn how to setup Billing Categories


To use SchoolAdmin Billing, your school must have a Stripe account setup.  


  • Go to Settings-->Financial-->Stripe Setup and click on the link to create your account.

  • Click here to learn about the verification information that's required for your account.

  • Click here to learn an overview of Stripe.

  • Click here to learn about Stripe payments

  • Click here to learn about the Stripe Dashboard 

Parent Portal Templates: Terms of Service

Within Settings-->Portal-->Parent Portal Content, there's an 'Autopay Terms of Service' template that needs to be customized.  Each school is responsible for defining their own terms of service, which is a requirement for participation in auto-pay/auto-withdrawals.

Email Templates and Automated Communication Plans

Within Settings-->Communication-->Email Templates, you'll need to customize the automated templates for payments and statements found in the billing tab. 


  • Click here to learn about Billing Email Templates.

  • Click here to see what emails get sent at various key points in the billing process. 

Financial Responsibility

Schools can decide if they want to setup who’s financially responsible prior to contract generation or later on after contract generation.  It only needs to be setup once and these settings will save year over year but can be manually adjusted on a yearly bases.  

How are split payments/percentages handled?

The default split is set to 0% upon contract submission.  The parent that submits the contract and pays the deposit is automatically set as 100% financially responsible.  However, if split payments or percentages were defined prior to contract generation or submission, then financial responsibility will be dictated by these values. 


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