Billing Account
Financially responsible account for tuition and incidental fees.  Billing accounts are contact records within the system and are linked to portal user accounts so parents/guardians can sign contracts, view billing history, pay balances, and manage autopay settings.

Billing Cycle Day 

  • Start of billing cycle.

  • Default date AutoPay is processed for outstanding balances.

  • 10 days prior to this date, payment plan ledger items will be assessed to billing accounts.

A statement is generated showing all current transactions.

  • If generated within 10-days of billing day date, statement will show any upcoming balances that are due.

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Grace Period

  • Defines how long after the AutoPay date before the account becomes overdue.

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The current total amount of money owed to the school by the billing account.

Overdue Balance
The current past due amount owed by the billing account.  

Financial Split

  • The percentage of responsibility for a billing account for a student.  This is set on a per student basis, enabling flexible household relationships.  There is a limit of 4 financially responsible accounts for a given student. 

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Billing Category Type

  • Billing categories are used to classify ledger items.  They contain a text description and can have additional properties including: account codes and parent category.  

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Billing Ledger Items
Ledger items comprise of charges, credits, and payments.  They contain metadata regarding date posted, amount, billing category type, associated student, and school year. 

An amount applied to the billing ledger that is is owed by the billing account.

An amount applied to the billing ledger that is is credit to the billing account.

A posted payment.  Payments can be split across students and billing category balances.

Billing Account Ledger
The billing account ledger is a historical record of ledger items that are comprised of charges, credits, and payments for that parent’s account.   

Billing Categories Balance
Billing accounts maintain a sub-balance for each student billing split by billing category and school year.  For example, a billing account maintains a sub-balance for categories like Tuition, General fees, or any other custom billing category.


  • Enabling this Authorizes the school to withdraw the total balance of a given billing account on the billing date.  

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