Providing AutoPay is a valuable time-saving feature for parents and schools.  It reduces the burden of managing account receivables and speeds payment times for schools. For parents, it is easier than having to remember to manually pay a bill each month.

By providing an AutoPay option, there are additional compliance issues that need to be considered.  AutoPay can be required for all billing accounts or disabled within your Billing Setup page. Click here to learn more.


Obtain authorization

  • During the ACH enrollment process, there is authorization built to link the bank account to the school's account for recurring payments.  

  • There is a terms of service notice that's customizable when enrolling in AutoPay, which is described in more detail below.  

  • We recommend that your contract provides relevant language to the ongoing processing of recurring payments.

Provide a terms of service
SchoolAdmin provides a customizable terms of service located within Settings-->Portal-->Parent Portal Templates.  The terms of service should include information on how a charge is defined, how to update or terminate AutoPay information, liability waiver, among other service terms.

Provide notice of upcoming payments
SchoolAdmin provides two notices of an upcoming payment:  

  • 10 days prior to the billing cycle date, a statement is sent to the parent.  

  • 2 days prior to the auto-payment processing, a second notification is sent to the parent. 

Provide notice on how to update AutoPay banking or credit card information 

  • Your school should provide notice on how to update banking information or revoke authorization for ACH or credit card payments.

Provide notice if billing date changes 

  • If you change the default AutoPay date, you must provide appropriate notice to all accounts. 

SchoolAdmin cannot provide legal advice.  Rules vary by state and country.  If there are any questions you have regarding compliance, please engage your legal team.

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