For schools using the Online Review Module, an important first step is making sure all of your readers or review committee members are set up in SchoolAdmin, so that they can begin their review of candidates.

How-To: Set Up Your Readers

Account Setup

Click here for more detailed information on what Reader Permissions grant access to in your SchoolAdmin site.

  • Instruct all readers to opt into the "Reviews assigned to me (Daily Summary)" email notification within their User Notifications Menu.

Additional Steps

  • Inform all readers of privacy/confidentiality terms as per your school.

  • Inform all readers of the details around your school's unique review process, including but not limited to: when reading takes place, if they need to leave comments for each piece of the document and/or just the summary comments at the end, any details needed to explain the rating criteria and the scoring scales you set up, etc.  

  • Have all readers watch the training video below, which walks them through the process of logging in, turning on their candidate assignment email, and how to review a candidate.

Reader Training Video

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