Fee and Payment FAQ's

How do you add a paper check payment?

  • Once a paper check has been received, you will go to the student's billing tab, select the link to the responsible parent, and choose to 'Add a payment'. For further details about this process, read the Admin Billing Workflow article. 

  • Important note: Do not add a deposit payment to the billing tab. Deposits added to the checklist will automatically be duplicated and added to the parent's ledger on both the Admin side and in the Parent Portal. 

How do you add a late fee?

  • You can add a late fee at any time. To see a list of late/overdue accounts, go to your 'Billing' list page and select the 'Accounts'. tab If a parent is late with a payment you will see a red overdue flag. You can then select that parent and choose to 'Add a Charge'. For further details about this process, read this Admin Billing Workflow article.

How can I see who is signed up for AutoPay?

  • To see who has signed up for AutoPay, go to your 'Billing' list page and select the 'Accounts' tab. You will see a green checkmark in the 'AutoPay' column if that parent has signed up for Autopay

Does Stripe charge an ACH fee? Can I pass this fee on to parents?

  • Stripe charges a $0.75 ACH fee on all transactions. This fee will be refunded to all billing clients by SchoolAdmin. You can elect to pass this fee on to parents. To turn this on please contact SchoolAdmin Support

How are extra fees (uniforms, field trips, supplies) handled?

  • You can add charges at any point during the school year either individually or in bulk.  To add a charge individually, go to the student's billing tab, select the link to the financially responsible parent, and select 'Add a Charge'. For further details about this process, read the Admin Billing Workflow article.

  • You can also add charges or credits in bulk within the student billing list page or through a billing import. Click here to learn how to add fees in bulk from the 'Students' list page.

  • Click here to learn how to import charges, payments, and credits.

What if a student leaves mid-year? What happens to their payment plan?

  • Nothing happens to their payment schedule automatically.  If you wish to waive the remaining balance, you will need to add a credit for that amount to each responsible payer's billing ledger.  Make sure you apply credits to all payers. 

  • If you need to assign credits in bulk, you can create a search for all mid-year withdrawals within search and reports, click on export --> billing import template and then add credits for the remaining balance to each account. Once that's complete, you can import the file and data back into the system via the Billing tab-->Billing Imports. Then add the current date for the credit date and the description can be "credit for midyear withdrawal."

How do we assign a financial split for tuition payments?

  • To update a financial split you will need to go to the student's 'Portal Accounts' tab. Select any displayed percentage to edit.  

  • Important note: Assigning a split will not correct a charge that has already been posted to an account. You will need to manually adjust any posted amount to reflect this change. Click here to learn more. 

What do I do if a parent would like to change their selected payment plan?

  • If no payments have been made yet, you can regenerate the contract. The parent is then able to select their new payment plan. All future posted amounts will now follow their new selection. Payments that have already been made, will still appear and be credited to the next billing cycle. To learn how to set up a new payment plan option to be represented on the contract, click here.

  • If any payments have already been made, it is best to manually update the parent’s ledger to reflect the new payment plan. To do this, you'll need to add a negative charge (Ex. -$2,000) spread evenly across all months of the existing plan and then you'll create a new set of charges for each month of the new payment plan.

When will a parent receive automated communications about their balance and account activity?

  • Parents receive an automated statement 10 days prior to their withdrawal date if an account balance exists. This statement includes all activity posted for that withdrawal date. For more information on billing communications, click here.

Can parents change the auto-draft date on their account?

  • Not at this time.  The school can set the auto-draft date (billing day) per payer within the 'overview' tab of the payer record.

Can auto-messages be turned off in the billing platform?

  • All system automated billing communications cannot be turned off at this time. If you would like to avoid late communications from being sent to a parent, you can place the student into an inactive status such as 'Financial Hold' and delete the charge on the parent's billing tab. To learn which billing communications are automated, click here.

How can a parent make a payment early or make a partial payment on their account?

  • Parents are able to make early payments and pay any custom amounts at any time towards their next balance within the Parent Portal.  Please note, any large lump sum payments will not be spread across the remaining payment schedule. 

How do parents update their payment information?

  • Parents can update their AutoPay information via the parent portal at any time by selecting their 'Billing Management' tab within the Parent Portal.

How do I add another payer or financially responsible person to a student's account?

  • To add a new payer go to the student's 'Summary' tab and select 'Add a related contact' in the bottom left below the checklist. This contact will need to be listed as a parent or guardian in order to receive portal access. Then go to the 'Households' tab and adjust the percentage of financial responsibility by clicking on any percentage. For more information on setting up a split, click here. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to adjust any posted amount on the parent's billing tab if you are making this change within 10 days of the due date.   

Can parents clear out their payment methods (in billing)?

  • The parent can update, enable, and disable payment methods for auto-pay at any time. Note: if auto-pay is set as required by your school, parents must have one saved payment method on file.

  • Background: It is legally required that if you handle ACH payments to allow parents/payers to update their billing information at any time. If you do not provide a method online, there are additional requirements surround collecting and managing those authorization forms from how you collect and handle the authorization form to how fast you turn around each update request. Additionally, not providing a method online is a recipe for parent issues and complaints. Consider any company you have done business with who could not properly update payment info and caused an overdraft. This is why online systems make both the user’s life easier but also the schools.

How do I add a late fee?

  • To add a late fee, go to the parent's billing tab and select 'add a charge'. You can also do this in bulk from the 'Students' list page. To learn how to add a fee to a parent's ledger, click here. To learn how to add this fee in bulk, click here.

We issued Financial Aid to a student after the signing of the contract. How do I set this up in billing?

  • The best option is to re-generate the contract to reflect this financial aid award. If this is not an option you are able to apply a lump-sum credit to the next payment or break this amount into several added monthly credits on the parent's billing tab. To learn how to add a credit, click here.

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