Billing Communication FAQ's

Do I have to set-up billing auto reminders?

  • There are a number of automatic reminders configured by default to help you communicate with parents.  They include balance statements, payment receipts, and overdue reminders.  Overdue reminders are based on the billing day, grace period, and/or overdue threshold settings.  Click here to learn more.  You have full control over the content of all communications and can expand on what's automated.

How do I send text reminders for payments?

  • Currently, automated reminders are only supported via email.  Schools can manually send out a bulk text at any time.  

Can you build out a communication plan that will email a statement of what is due right before the payment is due?

  • We already have one setup for you! Parents/guardians that are financially responsible will receive a billing statement 10 days before a payment is due and a reminder will go out 2 days before the payment is due. An overdue email will go out automatically if the overdue threshold (located in the Billing Setup page) is met or exceeded.  Click here to learn more.

  • Billing statements can also be sent at any point in time on an individual basis within the payer's record by clicking on the 'send statement' button. The payer will receive the 'statement updated' email template. This is useful when adding charges, credits, and/or payments to an individual ledger. The ability to send additional or updated billing statements (outside of the automated one) manually in bulk isn't available at this time.

How do I customize the Billing Statement email and other system automated messages with my school banner/logo?

  • Click here to customize the following Billing Email Templates and to learn when these emails go out: Account Overdue, Payment Failure, Payment Received, Statement Updated, Upcoming Payment and Upcoming Statement. Please note, the Billing Statement and Tax Statement are both letter templates found within Settings-->Communication-->Letter Templates.

Will the parent/payer get an automated updated statement email if a charge is added or a credit is applied?

  • Not at this time.  When adding charges or credits within the payer's record, click on the 'Send Statement' button to send an updated statement to reflect recent changes.  The parent/payer will receive the 'Statement Updated' email template within Settings-->Communications-->Email Templates-->Billing. 

Can I manually send additional overdue email communications?

  • If you'd like to send additional overdue email's, you can create a custom report within the search & reports page to look for account overdue is 'yes' within the 'contact record data' search criteria.

  • Next, you'll want to send an email to the 'selected contacts' since the criteria is pulling all payer account names that are overdue.

  • The system overdue email is sent immediately once the payment amount is overdue, which is determined by the overdue threshold being met or exceeded.

Can I hide the tax statement within the Parent Portal?

  • Not at this time. The tax statement can be customized within Settings-->Communication-->Letter Templates-->Tax Statement.

If a contract is deleted, will the parent/payer still receive billing communications?

  • If there's items/amounts due on the parent/payer's ledger, they will still receive all billing communications. The ledger will need to be adjusted to a zero balance if no further billing communications should be received.

Will billing statements/upcoming payment emails go out each month for families on semi annual or quarterly payment plans?

  • Billing statement emails and upcoming payment emails will only be sent if the upcoming current balance due for that month is greater than $0.00. If nothing is due for the payer for that month, no email is sent.

Can I turn billing communications off for individual payers or for a group of payers?

  • Not at this time. Automated billing communications are on by default for all parents/payers that are designated as greater than 0% financially responsible. Parents/guardians that have financial responsibility set to 'yes,' but that have a percentage amount of 0% will NOT receive billing communications. Some schools have requested this to account for faculty/staff, who get charged through payroll and that are on different payment schedules.

Can I setup an automated communication plan (PRO feature) for accounts that are overdue for "x" number of days?

  • Not at this time. The system overdue email is sent immediately once the payment amount is overdue, which is determined by the overdue threshold being met or exceeded.

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