How do you handle "late" tuition assistance that's applied after contracts are generated and issued?

  • For schools that do not issue tuition assistance prior to contract signing, the recommended process is to issue an intent to enrollment form and then issue a contract once tuition assistances is granted. This is the cleanest solution and complies with contract law, TILA disclosure requirements, and ease of use.

  • Schools can optionally issue a contract with placeholder text and then re-issue a contract once tuition assistance is granted.  While this is a valid solution, it may introduce extra overhead on parent communications.

How do you handle continuous enrollment?

  • Continuous enrollment typically has two distinct components:  signing a contract (aka registration) and terms of service, and annual enrollment into tuition management.

  • With SchoolAdmin we integrate the process into one easy step.  For schools wishing to use continuous enrollment, we offer a dynamic registration process where parents of new students sign and agree to the terms of service via the contract in year 1 and then subsequent years the returning parent submits an intent to enroll confirmation and selects the payment plan.

How much time does billing add to the implementation process?

  • Billing itself adds minimal additional time to the implementation process since we leverage all the existing functionality within our enrollment product.  The work to setup contracts and enrollment covers setting up billing.

How do we convert our SMART/FACTS accounts to SchoolAdmin?

  • Billing is 100% integrated into our enrollment process so there is no need to migrate SMART/FACTS accounts over.  

Can we use 2 different tuition management systems at the same time? (Like FACTS for financial aid and SchoolAdmin for billing).

  • Schools can use other financial systems like SSS or FACTS.  

Can a parent use their 529 plan to pay for tuition?

  • If they choose to, the parent can send a check straight from their 529 system to the school.  The school would process this similar to a normal check.   

Do you have a dedicated support team just for billing?

  • We provide support in the same manner as all other products which includes calling, emailing, and live chat. 

I need some accounting advice. Could you help me that?

  • We cannot provide accounting advice as we are not certified CPAs.  

Does SchoolAdmin offer tuition insurance?

  • Not at this time. 

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