Billing Customers can report on their financial data at the student level and at an individual payer level via customized reports. A few canned financial reports that are available include:

  • Click here to learn about the Payment History Report

  • Click here to learn about the Tuition and Fees Report

  • Click here to learn about the Financial Line Items Report

  • Click here to learn about the Billing Accounts List Page for billing accounts and student accounts. 

Billing Specific Search Criteria

Within Search and Reports-->Contact Record Data (everything else), there's a list of 'Billing' related fields that you can search on as shown below. These fields can be used as criteria to narrow down your search and are also available as displayed columns.

Student Fields

Billing fields with the word 'student' will include total amounts, inclusive of all payers. This is an important point to consider when sending communications or creating reports at the student level vs at the individual billing account level, especially for a variety of household and family structures. Please note, these fields will only display amounts/data when searching on student data and statuses.

Account Fields

Billing fields with the word 'account' will include amounts or billing details that are specific to each individual billing account.  A custom search can be built to send targeted communications to billing accounts that fit specific criteria such as overdue yes/no or to assess a late fee.  Please note, these fields will only display amounts/data when searching on billing accounts.  These fields will be blank or have a zero amount if displayed as columns within a student contact search. 

Date Based Search Criteria

Certain fields allow for date based searches as shown below: 

  • Account Overdue Date

  • Next Account Billing Date

  • Billing Overdue At

Custom Amounts Search Criteria

The following fields allow you to enter custom amounts and greater than/less than or equal to ranges as shown below.  

  • Next Account Balance

  • Current Account Balance

  • Current Student Balance

  • Next Student Balance

  • Total Account Balance

  • Total Student Balance

Value Specific Search Criteria

The following billing fields can be searched on with set values or options via a drop-down, or an open text field.  

  • Student Overdue: Yes/No.  A value of 'yes' will display if 1 or more responsible payers is overdue.  You'll need to search on billing accounts to identify what payers are overdue and which ones are current. 

  • Billing Payment Method:  The payment method will display when searching on individual billing accounts, not when searching on students since it may vary across payers. 

  • Billing Autopay Enabled: Yes/No.  This field will display a 'yes' value if 1 or more responsible payers has autopay enabled when searching on students.  Otherwise, the value will be specific to the setup of each individual payer when searching on billing accounts. 

  • Account Overdue: Yes/No. This field value will display when searching on billing accounts and will be blank when searching on students. 

Billing Fields to Display as Columns

Within 'Change/Display Columns', there's a 'Billing' category with a list of fields to display as shown below.  You can select a combination of these and/or add in additional fields from related categories such as Scholarship, Tuition & Fees, or Tuition Assistance. 

Once you select the fields to display in your report, you can send communications in bulk or export the data to Excel for additional reporting and financial calculations, such as entering in late fees or financial aid/scholarship/grant amounts, etc. 

How to Build a Search with Financially Responsible/Billing Account Contacts

Within the Billing List Page-->Accounts tab, you can see all financially responsible contacts.  If you'd like to create a custom report with your payers to identify who's overdue for example, you can set the following search criteria as shown below:

  • Contact Record Data (everything else) --> Current Account Balance is greater than or equal to 0.

  • Add another criteria and toggle the defaulted 'AND' statement to 'OR' between criteria as displayed below in yellow.

  • Contact Record Data (everything else) --> Current Account Balance is less than or equal to 0.

Next you can add additional 'account' fields as displayed columns in your report by clicking on 'change/display columns' in blue in the upper right.

  • Some field groupings you may pull from include Billing, Contract, Scholarship, Tuition & Fees, and/or Tuition Assistance.  

  • If you want to add student ID information from your SIS into your report, you can locate these fields under the 'ID' grouping.

  • If you need payer contact information you can expand the Parent 1-4 field groupings near the bottom of the list-->Personal-->Home/Cell/Work Phone fields. Address information lives under the Household 1 and Household 2 field groupings. 

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