Within the Billing Tab-->Accounts page, you can view and/or manage the details of all billing accounts including payment methods, overdue accounts, upcoming payments, remaining balances and current balance amounts.

Displayed Columns

  • Name (sortable):  All accounts are listed by the parent/payer name.

  • Autopay (sortable): The checkmark indicates that the payment information is saved and stored in Stripe, but it’s NEVER stored in SA.  It’s passed over to Stripe from SA via the browser to indicate if the account is on Autopay.  

  • Payment Method (sortable): Indicates a credit card or electronic check.

  • Overdue Date (sortable): Will show the date the account became overdue, according to the grace period set by your school (if applicable) and in parenthesis how long it has been overdue for.  If the account is overdue, a red triangle will display under the current balance column along the far right as shown below.. 

  • Next Date: Shows the due date for the next amount column.  The date will change over to the next month on the billing day.

  • Next Amount (sortable): Displays the amount due on the next billing cycle, including any deferred charges.  This column will update to the next amount due in the billing cycle on the billing day.  

  • Remaining Balance (sortable): Shows the total of any upcoming charges and any unpaid tuition.

  • Current Balance (sortable): Displays the current balance that's due as of today.  This is consistent with the amounts in the Ledger of the payer record and the amount reflected in the Parent Portal for the payer.  If the account is overdue, based on the grace period (if one is set), there will be a red triangle with an exclamation point to flag the account as overdue (see example above).

Filter Options

You can also set 'Filter Options' for the following:

  • Billing Autopay Enabled (y/n)

  • Billing Overdue (y/n)

  • Billing Payment Method (credit card or electronic check).

Billing Account Communications

To communicate with specific billing accounts based on overdue status for example, you'll need to create a search within the 'Search & Reports' page.  You can email all billing accounts within the 'Student List Page' of your Billing tab, however, you can't drill down on what billing accounts are overdue from that page.  The 'student overdue' is 'yes' filter option in the Students page will include any student that has at least 1 associated billing account that's overdue, not necessarily both payers or all. 

Adding Charges or Credits in Bulk 

To add fees in bulk to specific billing accounts you first need to select the accounts, either individually, per page, or across all pages. Then go to the top right corner of the page, and click Edit, then choose Add Charge or Add Credit.

You then can fill out the information within the modal and click on Submit. Charges and credits added from this page, may take a couple of minutes to show up on account's ledgers due to volume.

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