Within the Billing Tab -> AR Aging Report, schools can easily manage a history of what accounts are/have been overdue, amounts overdue, and who is net 30, 60, or 90+ days overdue. This report will show all payers with a non-zero balance. Searching on historical dates will show who had a balance at that point in time even if they do not currently have a balance. It also means the payer does not have to be currently overdue to appear on the report.

This report also shows the students the accounts are responsible for. The export will include any special IDs associated to those students.


How-To: AR Aging Report Options

Date Picker

At the top of the AR Aging Report page, there is a date picker. With this, you can set a specific date to see who was overdue at that point in time, and by how much they were overdue. Overdue statuses are saved internally in SchoolAdmin so that you can search on historical account statuses. For example, consider an account that is current as of today, but was overdue two months ago. If you search on a date that was two months ago, the account will be flagged overdue as of that past date, even though the account is no longer overdue today. 

Filter Options

If you want to filter the report by certain terms or school years, you can do this using the filter options on the AR Aging Report page. Underneath the date picker, there is a blue button for Filter Options. Click on it to expand the options, and then check off the term(s) you want to apply. This is a multi-select field, so you can choose more than one term to filter by if needed. Once you have selected the term(s) you want, click on Apply Filters. To go back to the default view (i.e. showing all terms), click on the red Clear Filters button.

Totals Summary

Along the top of the AR Aging Report is a summary of the total amount that is overdue on all accounts and a breakdown of overdue totals according to the following date ranges:

  • 0-30 Days

  • 31-60 Days

  • 61-90 Days

  • 91+ Days


The details of this report can be exported to a CSV file by using the green Export button.


How-To: List Page Columns 

The AR Aging Report lists dollar amounts due in 30-day sections per delinquent billing account, where the columns contain the following information:

  • Account Last Name: Last name for the billing account.

  • Account First Name: First name for the billing account.

  • Account Middle Name: Middle name for the billing account.

  • Total: Total overdue amount for the billing account.

  • Date Ranges: The remaining columns contain the dollar amounts that are overdue within 30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and any amounts overdue past 90 days. These date ranges match the total overdue ranges above in the totals summary.¬†

All of these columns are sortable. Simply click on the name of the column to sort the list by that column.


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