With SchoolAdmin Billing, you can run different types of reports, one of them being a Payout report. This report will show all of the payouts you have received or will receive in the future, to the bank connected your Stripe account. It will also display all of the transactions within that payout, including how and where those payments were applied.


Inside of this report you will be able to filter by different date ranges, with the default date of the last seven days. You will also be able to filter by payout id, status, and amount.

This payout report is exportable. If you export from this the summary page, it will export the data shown and also the individual payout data, which includes billing category, student and payer information.

There is an option to Export for FE NXT which means Financial Edge NXT. This export will generate an export with columns that include:

  • RecordID = facts_student_id (canonical name of an id)

  • DepositID = the payout id

  • Payment Date = Availability date of that payment (not when the transaction was made)

  • Payment Method = Stripe Echeck (ACH) and Stripe CC (CC)

  • Amount = Transaction amount (base amount)

  • Convenience Fee = Fee amount that the payer has paid

The Individual payout

This will have all of the electronic transactions within that payout. Included inside of a transaction will be:

  • The Transaction ID - ID of the transaction

  • Order ID - Payment history detail

  • Date / Time - Date and time of the transaction

  • Type - Type of payment that was made. This will also include the billing category of the payment.

  • Payer Name - The associated payer name

  • Base Amount - Amount charged by admin to the payer without any additional fees.

  • Convenience Fee - The convenience fee charged according to the payer’s payment method.

  • Transaction Amount - Amount that the payer paid, this can be a combination of the base amount with the addition of other fees.

  • Platform Fee - Enrollment based pricing amount, (new, returning, contract service fee etc…)

  • Merchant Fee - This is the amount that we are charging to process the Transaction amount. This can also include the platform fee.

  • Payout Amount - This is the Net amount that the school gets deposited into their bank.

  • Student(s) - names to where the payment was applied

  • Term - Term for which the payment was made for

This page is exportable as well, and the export will include all of the data shown within that page grouped by the transaction.


  • If you use Stripe for payments other than SchoolAdmin, those payments will also show up in these reports, but will not have any student information because they are not coming from within SchoolAdmin.

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