Schools can embed their inquiry form into any webpage that supports iframe embedding such as Finalsite CMS composer and other website content managers.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Get embed link

Go to the inquiry form setup page and click on the embed link:

The modal will provide the embed link and the ability to copy that link to your clipboard:

Step 2: Add to your website

Each website has a different embed mechanism but most have the ability to add code or has an 'embed' feature for iframe code. Copy the iframe code from above into your website.

Step 3. Customize size

Depending on the page design, you may want to change the width and heights of the form portion. To do this change the width= value to the appropriate size. We recommend that the minimum width is around 560 which is about the width of an average mobile device. The appropriate height depends on the number of fields on the form. You can adjust this until it fits your page's design.

Step 4. Customize look and feel

By default, the iframe imports the default style guide to ensure the form renders properly. The form does not include the header, the footer, and backgrounds from the normal inquiry page.

You can override those styles by adding custom CSS at the bottom of the webpage. The mechanism will depend on your CMS provider.

Post submit action / Thank you page

When a form is submitted, the Thank you page content will be displayed. Click here for information on how to update that content.

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