Your Inquiry Checklist within SchoolAdmin is defined as the outreach attempts you plan to do for each individual inquiry.

It is an internal checklist for your internal team only. Parents do not have access to the Inquiry checklist because they do not have a Parent Portal account set up at this stage (it is set up during the application phase).

Once you have completed every item on an Inquiry's checklist, it means that you have taken all of the actions possible to compel this candidate to submit an application.


How-To: Dynamic Checklists

The Inquiry Checklist is a dynamic plan, visible on the SchoolAdmin contact record, for effective, targeted, and personalized communication with each of your candidates.

In the Checklist Settings, you can set the criteria for which Inquiry checklist items appear for each grade. SchoolAdmin Support can also help you set up custom business rules that determine which contacts receive certain checklist items. For example, you can create a checklist item for 'Invite to Soccer Game' and have it only appear on the checklist of Inquiries who indicated they were interested in soccer.

Additionally, you can use quick-views on list pages or create custom saved searches to identify who has and has not completed each step in the process so no one falls through the cracks. Click here to learn how to do a checklist item search.

Examples of dynamic inquiry checklist items:

  • Respond via Phone to Parent Inquiry Question: If the Inquiry asked you to call them regarding a question, this checklist item can remind you to follow up with an answer.

  • Send “Affording Our School” Email: If the Inquiry expressed an interest in tuition assistance on your inquiry form, send a follow-up email with what aid is available and how to apply for it.

  • Send STEM Packet: If the Inquiry expressed an interest in STEM topics, send a brochure, letter, or email outlining the school’s STEM programs or an invite to a STEM-related event (e.g. Science Fair or Maker Fair).

While these types of tasks are something most schools try and accomplish in the inquiry process, by using the dynamic checklist in SchoolAdmin you can track your outreach and ensure that you've reached everyone in the best way possible.


Checklist in Action


Best Practices

  1. Be detailed when naming your checklist items so that you know what actions need to be taken. For example, if you’d like to invite families to a tour, name the checklist item “Invite to Tour” instead of just “Tour.” This helps you report on data easily so that you know what actions have been completed and which ones have not.

  2. Give every checklist a unique name so that you can easily filter and communicate the right messages. For example, instead of two calendar checklist items called “Parent Presentation" appearing for different grades, be more specific and title them as "Lower School Parent Presentation" and "Upper School Parent Presentation". This way, when you create reports, you can find the data you’re looking for with ease.

  3. Link calendars to any invitation or event checklist items so that you can easily book a candidate for an event if you have them on the phone. You will have a “Schedule Appointment” option on calendar-type checklist items so that you can select an available timeslot from the calendar. Once the event is booked, the parent will receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email for the event, based on the options you set up within the calendar settings.


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