The Admissions Checklist is comprised of the items that a parent needs to complete in order for their student to be considered a status of Application Complete, as well as the items that your internal team needs to complete or upload for the student to move into this status.

Just like the Inquiry Checklist, the Admissions Checklist is dynamic, which means different items will appear on the checklist based on the rules/criteria set up and what is submitted on the student application.

Additional Checklist Features:

  • Custom business rules for checklist items such as setting certain checklist items to only display for international students, boarding students, etc.

  • Custom adhoc admissions forms such as a personal statement form and custom teacher recommendation forms.

  • Internal facing forms such as an Interview Notes form.

  • Checklist items with calendars for scheduling appointments and events.

For an overview of SchoolAdmin checklists and their core concepts, click here.

How-To: Understand Parent & Admin Views of the Checklist

Applying families will access the admissions checklist within the Parent Portal after submitting an application form. Internal Admins/Users can access a student's admissions checklist from the summary tab of the contact record.

Watch the videos below to see the differences between what the family sees in the Parent Portal and what your internal team sees in the contact record.

* Admissions Checklist: Parent View *

The Admissions Checklist as seen in the Parent Portal can include detailed descriptions of what each item is and any instructions for what needs to be done in order for that item to be marked as complete. To add these descriptions, update the Parent Explanation within the checklist settings. In the Parent Portal, all required items will be displayed first, and any optional items will be down below under an 'Optional Steps' header.

For applying families, checklist items can be marked as complete after a parent or internal admin/user performs certain actions on them. The following types of actions can be completed by a parent on the admissions checklist, based on the specific settings and checklist items you have available:

You may also choose to have any of these items as internal-only or able to be completed by your team only. The admissions checklist setup and rules can be customized to meet the needs of your school's unique process. Read on below for more information on the internal view of the admissions checklist.

Click here to learn more about the parent experience in the Parent Portal.


* Admissions Checklist: Admin View *

The Admissions Checklist as seen internally on the student's contact record does not include detailed descriptions for each item like the Parent Portal checklist. However, you will still see a list of Required items at the top, and any Internal & Optional items below those.

The following types of actions can be completed by your internal team on a student's admissions checklist, based on the specific settings and checklist items you have available:

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