The Basic Setup page can be accessed from 'Settings' -> 'General' and is where you can manage the following items:



Website: Web domain of your school website.

Name: Name of your school, which displays in the top left of your site. It can be pulled into your communication templates by using the merge field {{school.name}}. Example: SA Academy.

Long name: Longer name of your school (if applicable). It can be pulled into your communication templates by using the merge field {{school.long_name}}. Example: SchoolAdmin Academy.

Portal name: Name of the Parent Portal, which is visible to all parents on their SchoolAdmin login page. Example: SA Academy Admissions & Enrollment Portal.

Contacts per page: Customizable number of contacts that display per page on list pages and search results. The maximum number of contacts per page is 500.

Default salutation: If a salutation merge field is used in a communication template and there is no parent/guardian, this is the default salutation that will be used.

School entry date: Date that your school year starts or the first date that new students attend. This is used for calculating Entry Age in SchoolAdmin.

Time zone: Time zone in which your school is located.

Locale: Origin of your location, which indicates how the currency and date display throughout the site.

  • Note for Canadian Schools: Selecting the Canada localization option will move Canada to the top of the country drop-down list and will set the date format to DD/MM/YYYY.  In addition, "enrollment" text will be converted to "enrolment" in the Parent Portal, and "check" will be converted to "cheque".

Auto-Import Inquiries and Applications: Check this box if you want all inquiry forms and application forms to automatically import into the system. If this box is left unchecked, you will need to manually import all Inquiry and Application forms. Please note: If there are any potential duplicates detected, these will still show up in your forms inbox.

Auto-Merge Forms With Strong Matches: Check this box if you want all inquiry and application forms to automatically merge into existing contacts/households when the duplicate match strength is strong or herculean. Medium and weak matches will still require review and manual import. Click here for more information.

Allow Users To Stay Logged In: Check this box if you want to allow users to select the "Remember Me" checkbox when they login to SchoolAdmin. The Remember Me checkbox allows them to stay logged in for two weeks. When not enabled, users will automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Please note: This option is not available when using Google SSO.


Parent Portal

New app caption: Caption that displays in a larger font at the top of the Parent Portal when a parent is filling out a new application form.


File Upload Options 

Size limit in MB: Maximum size (in MB) allowed for file uploads on the student checklist. Please note: This size limit applies to files uploaded from the parent portal and the admin portal.

A limit of 5-10mb should be sufficient for uploading the majority of documents and image files. You may need to increase it for larger files, such as videos. At this time, limits cannot be set per checklist item.

Once you’ve made all of your changes, on the Basic Setup page, remember to click Save at the bottom!


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