After filtering out a specific list of contacts, you can then perform the following bulk edits, which are described in more detail below.

  • Add a note or activity

  • Change status 

  • Update checklist

  • Update a field

  • Remove from term

  • Change current term

  • Manage readers

Add a Note or Activity

The first option in the edit menu is to Add a Note or Activity in bulk.

A window will open up so that you can add just a note, just an activity, or both.  You can:

  1. Add text for your note

  2. Select an activity

  3. Pick a date for your activity

  4. Choose who it’s visible to.

  5. Once you set your preferences, click Next to apply your changes.

Change Status

You can also change statuses in bulk within the Edit menu.  

In the dialogue box that opens, choose the status you need to update your selected contacts to, such as Accepted (1) as shown below.  Click on Next (2) to apply the change.

The system will notify you how many contacts will be updated with this change and you can click save to confirm.

Update Checklist

You can also update checklist items in bulk and mark them off as complete or incomplete by clicking on
Edit –>  Update Checklist.

Within the dialogue box, you can:

  1. Check or uncheck an item

  2. Select the checklist type

  3. Select the checklist items(s) you wish to update

  4. Click Next to apply the changes

Update a Field

If there’s any field in your system that you’d like to update for a group of selected contacts in bulk, you can click on Edit –> Update a Field.

Here you can view a comprehensive list of all fields in your system from the Field (1) drop down menu.  Select or search for a field you’d like to update by typing in the text box.  Next you’ll have an option to update the field (2) using either a blank text box, a drop down menu, or a list of options to check off.  You may need to update the reach out method for a group of Inquiries as shown below.  You can also update scholarship amounts, financial aid, and tuition override amounts which are particularly useful during the enrollment season.  Once you’ve made your updates, click on Next (3) to apply the changes.

Remove From Term

If you need to remove any contacts from the current term that’s set for the page you’re working in, select remove from term from the bulk edit menu.

The system will let you know that all of the selected contacts will change to a “not in workflow” status for that term.  Click remove to confirm this action.

Change Current Term

Change current term is ONLY available in the Admissions List page (not in the Enrollment List Page as there is a bulk rollover feature for your returning students) and within the Edit menu of a child's record.  This feature allows you to perform two actions as described below.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Select which action you’d like to perform.  Copy: Selecting this option will copy the current admissions data to a new term that you select in the drop down menu, and the admissions data for the current term will remain.  This action will also automatically increment the grade for the selected contacts based on the promotion rules set on your Grades page.  Checklist answers will be cleared out by default for the new term they get copied over to.  If you’d like to retain the checklist items, you will need to copy each contact over individually within the student record.  Move: Selecting this option will move the current admissions data to a new term that you select in the drop down menu, and the admissions data for the current term will be DELETED.  With this action, only the term will be updated.  The grade, checklist completion, and all other data for the selected contacts will remain unchanged.  If you need to update the grades of the selected contacts, you can manually edit the grade for each student within their student records.

  2. Select the term you wish to copy or move the selected contacts to from the drop down menu.

  3. Select the new status for the selected contacts from the drop down menu.

  4. Once both of these fields are set, click 'submit' to apply your changes.


If you copy a term to a year where there is a pre-existing term, the checklist will merge together, instead of clearing out the data. The common use case is this:

  • Student is an applicant for 2019-2020.  Parent inquires for 2020-2021.  Admin may overlook the import helper text, so they import the applicant to the 2020-2021 term.  Result: The student has a blank applicant checklist now for 2020.

  • Admin moves the student back to 2019-2020.  The checklist is merged so that if any checklist items were already checked off in the 2019 year, they remain checked off.  

The only way checklist items are copied around is if the checklist item spans multiple years.  

  • If the checklist item only exists in a single year, we don’t copy / move those answers.   This is important because it is more common that enrollment checklist items only exist one year at a time.

The contract and deposit checklist item are never moved or copied.

  • There is a significant amount of data associated with the contract and deposit. Moving and copying these items causes a lot of side effects, especially with our Billing module.  As per the behavior noted above, these items won't be cleared out if you move the child one year back on top of an existing year with answers. 

How to clear out individual checklist items for specific contacts.
If you need to clear out and/or maintain the completion status of different checklist items on a per child basis, you can do so within the contact record. Click on the Edit menu-->Change Current Term. This is a 3 step process which allows you to keep or clear checklist items as needed.  Click here to learn more.

Manage Readers 

Manage Readers lets you assign and remove Readers to students in the review process when using the Review Module.

  1. Select the action (assign or remove) you wish to perform.

  2. Type in the name(s) of the Readers you’d like to assign to the selected students within the Admissions List Page.

  3. Click save to submit your changes and to notify the readers via email if they’ve been assigned students to review or if they’ve had students removed.

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