First Make Sure You've Completed the Following:

Update Enrollment Statuses

If you need to place any students in an inactive status for the current year after you've rolled over all returning students, you can update their status in bulk within Edit –> Change Status or you can change statuses individually within the Edit menu of the student record.  You can also set mid-year enrollment and mid-year withdrawal statuses as needed, which are explained in more detail below.

  • Academic Hold: Used for a student that didn’t mean the grade requirements. Depending on the process at your school, they can enroll once those grade requirements have been met.

  • Financial Hold: Used for a student that didn’t mean the financial requirements. Depending on the process at your school, they can enroll once those grade requirements have been met.

  • Deferred Status: 

  • Mid-Year Enrollment: You can move a student into any given year at any point in time, and the process is the same as for any other student moving into enrollment.  Please note that a student enrolling mid-year must complete the enrollment process for the current year PRIOR to being moved to the next Term and enrolling in the next year.

  • Mid-Year Withdrawal: The status Mid-Year Withdrawal is used to differentiate the time frame of when students withdraw.  If a student is moved to this status, they will be removed from the Enrolled Students page, however, they will remain on the Students in Enrollment List Page.  Upon moving a kid into mid-year withdrawal, the role of Former Student will be set. If you have a student that left the school prior to the end of the year, you can mark them as mid-year withdrawal and then roll them over if needed.  You can set this status by going into the Enrollment List Page, select the student or students that are withdrawing and click on Edit–>Change Status.

All of your returning students will now move into a status of Enrollment in Progress and they’ll show up in the Enrollment List Page (1) within the Students in Enrollment (2) page.  Make sure to select the Term (3) you wish to look at.  All of these students that were just moved over to the Enrollment in Progress status (4) will be automatically assigned a Contract Status of Pending (5).  This means it’s pending on the school to generate.  For more information on the contract lifecycle, click here.

Preview Financial Aid and Scholarship Amounts in Bulk

Next you may want to check any financial aid and scholarship amounts for your kids.  You can view this information within the Student Record under the Admissions tab, or you can view it in bulk.  If you filter for your Enrollment in Progress students that have a pending contract within your filter options, you can click on view in search to open this list of kids in the Search and Reports page.

Once your results open up in the Search and Reports page, you’ll click on Change Display/Columns in the upper right.

Expand the Financial Aid (1) category and check off any columns of data that you’d like to view such as Financial Aid Amount (2) and Scholarship Amount (3).  Then click Apply (4).

Your results will update with the newly added columns and you can now save your search or export it to Excel/CSV.

Contract Preview and Generation

You can preview the contract for any student to check all tuition and fee amounts, dual signatures that are rule-based, etc prior to generation, to ensure everything is correct.

Send Enrollment Email to Parents for Contract Access and Authentication.

Once contracts have been generated, you want to make sure everyone can access their contracts within the Parent Portal and you want to notify families that the contract is available to be filled out.  Within the Enrollment List Page (1), click on Filter Options (2) and check off Generated (3) for the Contract Status.  You can also apply additional filters such as New or Returning.  Once all of your criteria have been selected, click Apply Filter (4) to narrow your results.

Bulk select (1) the students by clicking in the top check box and go into Communicate (2) –> Send Email (3).

Select the desired email recipients and then click Next.

Select your Enrollment Email Template (1) from the drop down menu.  This will give families instructions on how to log into the Parent Portal and create an account if they haven’t already done so.  It will also give them their unique authentication code if needed.  For more information on Authentication Codes and password reset for the Parent Portal, click here.  A few key merge fields you should include in your enrollment email that are found within the school and recipient categories are the following:

  • Portal Name {{school.portal_name}}

  • Portal Web Address {{school.parent_portal_url}}

  • Portal Link with Authentication Code {{recipient.verification_link}}  Please note: This merge field does not work well when created as a hyperlinked merge token. It's best to use the merge token as is.  

  • Authentication Code only {{recipient.authentication_code}}

Below is an example of the enrollment email.  Please note, if you're using dual signatures on your contract, it's best practice to inform families that 2 different parent portal accounts setup with 2 different email addresses is required for them to complete the contract.  Please refer to the example below on how you can communicate this to your families.

If you'd like to include contract fee information in this email or any related follow-up emails, look in the contact category, and then look for all fields under the contract, enrollment, and financial aid categories.  

A few examples of the merge fields you'll find in these categories are included below:

  • Tuition and fees amount without financial aid: {{contact.net_tuition}} 

  • To include tuition and fees with financial aid: {{contact.net_tuition_with_aid}} 

  • Financial aid amount: {{contact.financial_aid_amount}}

  • Scholarship amount: {{contact.scholarship_amount}}

Click Next (2) to Preview your emails.

In the next step you can Preview the emails before they go out.  You may want to check that all of your merge fields are populating the correct information.  Once everything looks good, click Send.  You’ll need to repeat this process for all remaining pages of students in your site.

Monitor Checklist and Contract/Registration Form Completion

Once you’ve contacted families to let them know their contracts/registration forms are available, you can then monitor the completion status of all Enrollment Checklists.  You can either use the checklist progress bar to monitor checklist completion within the Enrollment List Page –> Students in Enrollment, or you can use the Filter Options to search for specific items based on their completion status.  A good search using your filter options is to look for a complete checklist item of Contract/Registration Form and an incomplete checklist item of Deposit/Registration Fee.  This way you can send a bulk communication to those families to remind them that payment needs to be submitted by a certain date.

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