The Payment History Report is a log of all payments that have been made in the system. This report is useful to see what payments have successfully gone through and to identify what payments failed and why.

For schools using SchoolAdmin Payments, Payment History is also where you'll go to issue partial or full refunds - click here for more information on that process.

How-To: Access & Use the Payment History Report

You can access the Payment History Report from 'Settings' -> 'Financial' -> 'Payment History'. Please note that only Admins and System Admins with financial permissions can view this page.

Once on the page, you'll see a list of all payments (successful, pending, and failed) that have been run through the system, along with the following options:

  • Search Options: To filter down the list or more easily locate a specific payment, click on the grey Search Options button. You can then search by most of the column headers: First Name, Last Name, Order ID, Transaction Reference, Entity (e.g. Application, BillingPayment), Payment Method, Status, and Date Range.

  • Export: To export this raw data to a CSV file, click on the green Export button in the upper right of the page.

Column headers are described in more detail below. You can sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.  

  • Order Id: A number that’s automatically populated to uniquely identify the transaction.

  • Transaction Reference: A reference number that’s automatically populated for the transaction for the payment processor.

  • Contact Name: The full name of the student who is assigned the fee.

  • User Name: The name of the parent/guardian or other payer who submitted the payment.

  • Entity: The form that’s associated with that payment. For Billing Customers, there's an entity type called "BillingPayment" that will display for all tuition and fee payments included in the Contract form as well as any ad-hoc charges/refunds. 

  • Payment Method: The method of payment (Credit Card or Electronic Check).

  • Status: The status of the payment transaction, which includes paid, pending, and payment declined. For ACH payments, this column will display the status of that payment. Please note, ACH payments take 4-7 business days to clear, so they'll display as 'pending' during this time.

  • Amount: The payment amount.

  • Time: The date and time that the payment was made.

  • Test Order: This box is checked to indicate payment orders that were made while the payment gateway was in test mode.

  • Show: This opens a dialog box with a summary of all of the above columns as well as any messages associated with that payment such as a payment declined reason. For schools using SchoolAdmin Payments, the 'Show' button will also include a down arrow, which you can click to issue full or partial refunds.

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