Once a contact reaches enrollment in progress, you will need to generate contracts individually or in bulk so that parents can access them within the Enrollment Checklist in the Parent Portal.  An enrollment contract/registration form goes through the following states:

Pending: This is the state the contract starts in.  This means a contract has not yet been generated for the student and it’s pending on the school to generate.  Parents can't complete the form at this stage.

  • Parent Portal View: Parents can see the contract checklist item, however, there’s no “complete form” button to access it.  The parent cannot access the contract until you generate it. 

Generated: The contract is available on the parent portal, to be reviewed and completed.

  • Parent Portal View: The contract can now be accessed via a “complete form” button within the contract checklist item.

In Progress: The contract has been opened and viewed, but not yet completed.

  • Parent Portal View: The parent/guardian clicked on the save and finish later button within the contract while filling it out. The contract can be accessed via the “complete form” button.  

Pending Signature: This only applies if dual signatures is enabled.  Once Parent/Guardian A signs the document and assigns a co-signer, the contract will show a status of pending signatures until the co-signer or Parent/Guardian B signs the document.  The payment page won't be available until both signatures are submitted.

  • Parent Portal View: Parent/Guardian B cannot make any changes to the contract unless it’s re-generated by the school. Neither parent can submit payment until both signatures have been submitted.
  • Click here to learn more about Dual Signatures

Pending Payment: The contract has been completed up to the point of the payment page, but the payment hasn't been submitted yet.

  • Parent Portal View: The parent cannot make any changes to the contract at this point.  They need to pick their payment method and click submit for the contract to be considered complete.  They will see a pay deposit button, which will bring them to the payment page.

Submitted:  The contract has been fully completed, the deposit has been paid (if applicable to your process) and the parent/guardian is returned to the enrollment checklist.

  • Parent Portal View: The parent can view a printable PDF of the contract.  They cannot make any changes at this point unless you re-generate the contract.

Regeneration Rules

If you need to make changes to any contract fees, contract fee rules, add or remove a fee/fee rule, different rules apply for regeneration based on the contract states. Some are dynamic and will automatically update with any changes, whereas some contract states require regeneration for changes to take place. 

  • Contract states of Pending, Generated, and In Progress are dynamic and will update with any fee or fee rule changes.  There's no need to regenerate the contract.  Once the  parent/guardian logs back into their portal and opens the contract, they'll see a message highlighted in red at the top of the form stating that changes have been made. 
  • Contract states of Pending Signature (for dual signature schools only), Pending Payment or Submitted are not dynamic.  You must regenerate contracts in these states if any fees or fee rules have been changed. Regeneration means the parent will need to fill out the contract again, and submit their signature. 

The first 3 contract states don't have a submitted signature by the parent or guardian, which is why they're dynamic and will update without regeneration.  However, the last 3 contract states have a submitted signature, which means the terms are now legally binding.  As a result, the contract must be regenerated for any fee or fee rules changes to be applied.

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