Within the Contact Layout page, you can see and set what fields are displayed within the contact record and which fields display for different types of contacts. Watch the video or read on below to learn how to use this page.

How-To: Use the Contact Layout Page

To access this page, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data' -> 'Contact Layout'. Here you will see the columns listed below.

  • Name: The display name of the field is listed first, with the canonical name listed underneath that.

  • Grouping: The grouping category that the field is contained within. This determines where it will appear on the contact record. To learn more about field groupings, click here.

  • Role Categories: The role category columns allow you to customize which fields are displayed or hidden for each role or stage of the Admissions/Enrollment process. This is useful because you can make sure you are only seeing the specific fields that are relevant to each type of contact. For example, you may only want to show work information fields for parent contacts, or only show fields that appear on your contract for students in the enrollment phase.

    For any field on the list, you can check the boxes for the contact types who that field should appear for within the contact record. Hover over each field name and the role categories will display for that row of checkboxes. Your changes on this page will be saved automatically.

  • Field Order: Fields can be arranged on a contact record in a custom order based on the order they appear on this page. Please note that fields are first arranged by their grouping, and then by the order within that grouping. Hover over the field name and you will see the cross arrow cursor.¬†You can then click, drag, and drop the field to the desired position in the list.

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