SchoolAdmin offers two different integrations with FACTS to support schools with yearly contracts and those with continuous enrollment/evergreen contracts.

Yearly Contracts/Registration Forms

  • Web-Provided Integration: Tuition and fees are passed from SchoolAdmin to FACTS.  This is for schools that have yearly contracts/registration forms, and cannot be used for schools with continuous/Evergreen enrollment contracts.  Payment plan options do not roll over year to year for returning families, which means all families (new and returning) must complete a contract each year and pick their payment plan within FACTS. 

Continuous Enrollment/Evergreen Contracts

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration: Tuition and fees are NOT passed from SchoolAdmin to FACTS. This is for schools that use continuous enrollment/evergreen contracts.  Families will still sign contracts for all of their kids in the SchoolAdmin Parent Portal. Once all contracts are submitted, they will have a blue "Go to FACTS" button within the FACTS checklist item. Unlike the web-provided integration, no fees/payment plans/etc are passed over year to year. These are all uploaded by the school to FACTS.

Web-Provided Integration (Yearly Contracts)

To utilize the Web-Provided integration with FACTS, all students (new and returning) must complete a contract each year.  It cannot be used for just new students or just returning students.  This integration allows all tuition and fee amounts on the contract/registration form to be passed over by clicking on a FACTS button within the Enrollment Checklist.   

IMPORTANT Note About Tuition or Fee Changes

The integration is a one time push of tuition and fees from SchoolAdmin to FACTS.  If any tuition or fee amounts have changed after the FACTS checklist item has been marked complete, a manual adjustment of fees is required by the school within FACTS. Parents can then complete the tuition management sign-up and confirmation process within FACTS.  The completion of this step will mark the 'FACTS' checklist item complete in the enrollment checklist for both Admins and parents.  

Parent Process

Complete Contract(s) to Access FACTS

A Parent completes the online Enrollment Contract/Registration form through SchoolAdmin.  All Contracts for the family needs to be submitted within SchoolAdmin before going to FACTS. Tuition and fees are included in this contract.  

IMPORTANT Note about FACTS Checklist Access

The FACTS link will be hidden if there are any siblings who are still in an active admissions workflow for that year. This means that every kid must be in an Enrollment status with a completed contract, or in an 'inactive' Admissions status for the FACTS link to display.  Inactive admissions statuses include parent declined, application withdrawn, denied, or any custom admissions statuses that are marked as 'inactive.'  The FACTS system does not allow for updating data via their integration API once it has been passed over to the FACTS system, so this behavior seeks to reduce the cases where a school has to manually update FACTS because a potential sibling has not yet been moved to Enrollment.

Using the FACTS Integration

Parents then click the FACTS button on their SchoolAdmin Enrollment checklist, which brings in their demographic information and tuition/fees data from SchoolAdmin into FACTS.  The button link provided in the SchoolAdmin checklist item is specific to the integration and must be used.  Any outside links used by the parent will break the integration.  Once in FACTS, the parent/guardian can use their existing username and password to log-in, or create a new account if they are a first time user.  The two accounts will then be linked, and SchoolAdmin will remember the sign-on so they can access it from the FACTS checklist item.  All bank account information etc. that was entered last year in FACTS will remain.  The address/name(s) will be updated in FACTS if it’s different on the contract, which usually has a contact update page embedded within.

How the Integration Works

  • Once logged into FACTS, the tuition and fees will pass over from SchoolAdmin to FACTS.  

  • Grades and Fees will be mapped between SchoolAdmin and the FACTS institution accounts as part of the integration setup.  

  • Balances are passed over per student, not per family.  Fee examples include: Tuition, Required Fees, Optional Fees, Discounts, Supply Fee, Sibling Discount, Deposit, Scholarship Amounts, and Financial Aid Amounts.  NOTE: If you have certain fees that don't need to be passed over to FACTS, this can be set on an individual fee basis. 

  • Parents will select their payment plan within FACTS and finalize the agreement.  The school will not need to manually finalize agreements.

SchoolAdmin Checklist Behavior

As noted above, if a family has one child in enrollment, and one or more children in an active admissions status such as applicant, application complete or accepted, the FACTS link will not display until the kid(s) in admissions are either moved to an inactive admissions status or into enrollment with completed contracts.  When this situation is present, the parent/guardian will see the following message in their checklist:

Once all kids are either in enrollment with submitted contracts or those in admissions are set to an inactive status, the FACTS button will display.  Below is an example with customized parent explanation text that you can edit within your enrollment checklist settings.  We recommend you tell parents/guardians not to log into their FACTS account directly because this will break the integration.  Click here to learn how to update the parent explanation text. 

Parents/guardians will click on the button, which will pass over all tuition and fees one time.  Anything that needs to be adjusted after the button is pushed, will need to be updated in FACTS directly.  Once the enrollment agreement has been finalized in FACTS and the payment plan has been selected,  the SchoolAdmin checklist item is marked complete automatically.  This allows you to monitor who completed the FACTS process and who did not via a complete/incomplete checklist item search.  FACTS then sends us an account code called TUI (tuition in FACTS).

Electronic Re-Enrollment

Schools can not use Electronic Re-Enrollment within FACTS.  This is the process by which schools roll over accounts from year to year with the same payment plan. Automatic re-enrollment is not compatible with the web-provided integration.  All returning students will need to pick a new payment plan each year, instead of it rolling over from last year, and then finalize their FACTS agreement.

Mid-Year Enrollment 

The FACTS system does not support multiple active years.  This means, once the FACTS year is rolled-over to a new year, families who are enrolling for the prior year (aka mid-year enrollment) cannot use the integration to pass over fees and setup their account. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if a contract is regenerated? If a contract is re-generated and changes are made to fees/tuition, this information will update in FACTS only if the parent hasn’t finalized the FACTS agreement.  If they did finalize the agreement, the school can service the agreement in FACTS directly and change any of those fees.

We have families enrolling multiple kids: They won’t be able to log-into FACTS until all of their kids contracts have been completed.  There’s one contract per child, and all need to be completed within SchoolAdmin before clicking on the FACTS link within the SchoolAdmin Enrollment Checklist.

What about full pay students/families? Full pay students don’t have to go through FACTS, if the school has an established process for handling them.

What about families that that are waiting on a decision for their Applicant student? Can they finalize their FACTS account and payment?  No. Schools should instruct returning families who are waiting on a decision for a new student not to finalize their agreement.  This is to allow families to have one FACTS agreement for the entire family.

How do I add financial aid/tuition assistance and/or scholarship amounts into SchoolAdmin?
If you have this information prior to contract generation, you can create a saved search and bulk update template to fill out the updated amounts and import it back into the system.  Click here to learn how.

What if our school receives financial aid and scholarship amounts later in the process?  In this instance, all financial aid and scholarship amounts can be entered manually into FACTS after the parents finalize their agreements.  A statement letting families know their total tuition is subject to change may also be added to the agreement.

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