The Custom Post Sharing button is one of the most unique features within Schoolze. This drop down appears on every type of post, photo album, fundraiser, sale, newsletter, and event sign-up and allows you to share specific posts with the appropriate audience. You'll see the options:

  1. Public: Share on the public website.
  2. All Classes: Share with all classrooms in your school where teachers are using Schoolze. Use "Custom" to select specific classrooms to share with.
  3. PTA Members: Share with paying members.
  4. Parents: Share with parents who are non-members.
  5. PTA Board Members: Share only with your board members for, let's say, a monthly board meeting.
  6. Custom: Share with two or more of the above groups.

This button integrated with the website allows you to control who is seeing what information and easily get information about upcoming events or PTA updates out to your community.

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