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What roles are associated with creating an NFT?
What roles are associated with creating an NFT?
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Understanding the Various Roles of Creating an NFT on ScieNFT

Creating an NFT on ScieNFT involves several roles. It is important to understand these roles before creating your own NFT:


The Beneficiary is the recipient of the proceeds from the first sale of the NFT and royalties on any future sales. They will be given a percentage of the funds generated by each sale of the NFT.


The Administrator is responsible for marking the NFT as retracted or for adding a link to errata or a revision of the work. They can also manage the marketplace of the NFT owner.


The Owner is the user who sets the price of the NFT before it is put into the marketplace. The Owner also approves the sale of the NFT. This is an important role that cannot be overlooked when creating an NFT on ScieNFT.


The Creators represent the individuals who contributed to the science represented by the NFT and who will receive royalties on future sales.


Editors are ScieNFT users who have permission to fine-tune the NFT content before it is placed on the public blockchain. They are responsible for ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information for the NFT.

By understanding the various roles involved in creating an NFT on ScieNFT, you will be able to create an effective and successful digital asset.

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