a) These general terms and conditions governing the Free Trial and / or purchase and / or use of the services SCOOLIA purchased by the customer from SCOOLIA AB (Scoolia) or SCOOLIA DISTRIBUTOR (Distributor) or SCOOLIA RESELLER (reseller). 

b) If the customer is a legal entity different from the individual, the registrant and / or subscriber of this contract certify and warrant that you have all necessary power and authority to bind such subject and its affiliates to these terms and conditions, taking all subsequent and greater responsibility in the event of declaration that does not conform to reality.

c) The website and the software, made available online associated with the Services are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws. Scoolia do not allow the activation and / or use of its services for the purposes of monitoring and / or copying of the services provided by Scoolia. Scoolia therefore reserves the right to suspend the provision of the service and access to its products whenever there is even a suspicion that the verses in such hypothesis.

d) SCOOLIA may modify and / or update their T & C from time to time without notice or acceptance by the Client. In the case of contracts providing for automatic renewal, those changes will take effect only from the first tacit renewal following the changes made in time to allow the Customer the notice within contractual time limits.

For their part, the Customer undertakes to verify the existence of any changes to the T & C's in time to possibly terminate it under the terms stated in the contract.


a) In order to use the Services, the Customer must obtain a valid Scoolia account, which can only be obtained by ordering Scoolia. The customer can then choose an account name for their web space (eg. myname.scoolia.se) that is not already in use by another customer.

b) Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account login information (username / password), and are fully responsible for all activities performed that sell on their account.

c) The user agrees to: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form to the Services, and (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep the information true, accurate, current and complete, (c) immediately inform Scoolia of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, and (d) exit from your account at the end of each work session.

d) Scoolia undertakes no obligation to verify the data provided by the Customer. However, if Scoolia FINDS or even just suspects that the above information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Scoolia may suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Services (or any part of them).

e) Scoolia can not and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this section.


a) To allow the customer to evaluate the services offered by Scoolia, Scoolia will allow, from time to time, for some or all of its products to activate a free trial account (Trial) only once and for a limited period of time (specified by Scoolia), during which the customer can:

·Use the plan given to them

·Import and manage users

·Import existing contents owned by the client

·Create content from scratch

·Submit technical support requests through the reseller

b) In the event of activation of multiple versions of the same Trial by customer or user (individual or organization), Scoolia reserves the right to terminate your access to all activations after the first and erase all the data recorded therein. Scoolia reserves, on a case by case basis and at its sole discretion, may extend the trial period the user.

c) If by the end of the trial period, if the customer does not purchase Scoolia, all data, information and content uploaded by the Customer in Scoolia and any configuration made during installation Scoolia, will be cancelled and will be permanently lost.


a) Regardless of, or when, at the end or after the trial period, users can purchase one of the plans offered by Scoolia. Buying a user plan involves the conversion of the platform in the free version into a platform with a fee. The plans to buy are based on the concept of the maximum number of concurrent users for each loop plan during the contract period of one year. 

b) The request for payment by bank transfer requires the emission of an order by a Scoolia or reseller charge to the Customer and the Customer's acceptance of the same order form. The payment terms is the total annual cost at time of order and will be payed yearly.

c) The Contract shall be renewed from time to time for a period of equal duration (365 days), with payment of the relevant amount in the same manner as defined in the activation.


a) In the event of non-payment or late payment, Scoolia may deactivate you immediately, in whole and / or in part, without notice, any outstanding payments relating to the Services or late. In particular, if we consider late or missed payments.

b) by bank transfer, the amount not credited to the account of Scoolia.

c) The continuation of unsolved for more than 15 days after its due date will result in the termination of the contract and the relative deactivation of services.

d) In the case of multiple contracts with the same customer, where the unresolved concerns, one or more of these reports will be entitled to suspend or terminate Scoolia infringement also all other possible supply contracts other than the object unsolved, disabling services purchased and / or delivering work already undertaken, and holding outright any amounts already received by way of damages, unless in any case the claim for further damages.


a) Bank transfer or other, the cancellation must be received by Scoolia or reseller with a notice not less than 30 days from the expiry of the contract. Otherwise the same will be automatically renewed for the following year.

b) Mismanagement of the option of automatic renewal by the Client excludes the right to reimbursement of the charges made by Scoolia.


a) As part of the contract fee (excluding the trial version) Scoolia is required to:

·provide support in relation to the services purchased by the customer, at no additional cost, and according to the specifications set forth in paragraph 12

·use commercially reasonable efforts to make the service purchased by the customer available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for: (a) scheduled maintenance, (b) urgent security updates and not budgeted or (c) causes beyond the direct control of Scoolia (d) due to major force beyond the control of Scoolia, including governmental action, acts of God, floods, fires, civil insurrections, terrorist acts, strikes or other protests whether or not involving our employees

·provide the Services purchased in accordance with applicable laws and government measures in place

b) Scoolia will not be responsible, not even in any part, for any difficulty, defect, failure, interruption or inability to access and / or use of services Scoolia derivatives and / or related to the hardware equipment and software of the customer or his internet connection, or to actions and / or behavior of the Customer (or one or more of its members) which prove to be inappropriate, harmful or against the law (including copyright infringement) whether national or international.

c) Except in cases of willful misconduct and severe hit, Scoolia will not be liable to the Customer, who then released from all liability for any failure related and / or connected to the Services and / or flow to the customer. In any case, any type of compensation may not exceed an amount equal to the fee paid by the customer and collected by Scoolia for the Service the actual month of incident, the sum to be understood inclusive of all incidental expenses (legal fees, stationery, Chamber of Arbitration ...).


a) Scoolia is committed to an administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of Customer Data, and not change them unless specifically requested in writing by the customer. Scoolia also is committed to you and to the extent possible, to not access the Customer Data, except to the extent required for the proper delivery of services purchased, including actions to prevent technical problems (on request, for example, concomitantly with issues related to technical support).


a) The Customer warrants:

·compliance with this Agreement on the part of its members;

·the accuracy, quality and legality of the information provided and the way in which the data was made available by the customer to Scoolia AB in both the platform and in the interactions that took place with staff Scoolia AB. In particular, the customer assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided to Scoolia and ensures that all the information provided, including any text, graphics, data, images, sounds, are lawfully available, and do not violate any law copyright, trademark, patent or other rights of third parties arising from law, contract or custom. Therefore undertakes to indemnify Scoolia for any claim of compensation and / or damages claimed by third parties as a result of the publication of these materials.

b) The Customer agrees

·to prevent access / unauthorized use of the Service and immediately notify Scoolia any possible access / unauthorized use;

·Scoolia to use the Services in compliance with the directives made by Scoolia, and - in any case - in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations;

·Scoolia to make services available only to users under their own responsibility;

·Scoolia will not use the Services to store, process or transmit material illegitimately and / or illegal (software or anything else potentially dangerous viral malicious) or disclose material that violates the privacy / copyright of any third party, or any other kind of material deemed inappropriate by Scoolia;

·Scoolia will not use the Services to store, process or transmit any malicious code;

·not to interfere with or undermine the integrity and performance of the services or information contained in such third-party services;

·not to make unauthorized access to the Services or related to these systems and networks.

c) It is expressly forbidden to customer to sell to third parties, in whole or in part, the rights arising from this contract without the prior written consent of Scoolia, under penalty of ineffectiveness.


a) The prices charged by Scoolia or reseller for their services are those in effect at the time of subscription, in case of renewal, automatic, of the contract, the price charged will be the one in force at the time of renewal.

b) Pricing and billing policies are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Scoolia.

c) An updated version of the price list is updated and will be available on request, the customer undertakes to consult before buying and before any contract renewal. Therefore, the renewal of the contract occurred determines the acceptance of any new price charged.

d) Any consideration specified in this contract must be understood as net of VAT and any other tax due.

e) Failure to use the Customer Service purchased with no obligation to refund / reversal of the price by Scoolia.


a) The use by the customer of the service purchased is guaranteed by Scoolia provided that the customer notifies the reseller from which the license was purchased, for the resolution of problems with the service availability or any other problem related with the product.

b) The response time and the communication channel for reporting any problem that could appear with the service is depended on the support contract that is provided by Scoolia or the reseller. Different resellers might have different type of contracts and different types of communication channels.

c) Standard free level of support is available 8:00 to 17:00 during working days according to the Swedish working days calendar. The response time for high priority issues is 15 min and for normal issue is 1 hour. High priority issues are considered only those ones that are releated with the interruption of the service, if the part of the service or the whole service is not accesible for a regular user. All other issues are considered with normal priority.

d) The Client acknowledges that the services purchased are subject to processes of bug fixing, software updates, or submit Minor features updates, new apps and new modules. Where this is not dependent on a firm's service (irrespective of the fact that then, because of circumstances not foreseen to occur) Scoolia will not be required to make any notice to the Customer. If, instead, Major upgrades are made or insertions of functions or operations or infrastructure cloud network will imply a temporary stop of the service, Scoolia or reseller will give the customer a notice.

e) As for unscheduled maintenance and downtime service refers to the point b) and c) of this article.



b) The Customer authorizes Scoolia to include in their portfolio work (brochures, technical documentation, web sites), the reference to the CUSTOMER (logo, name of the CUSTOMER, case histories and screenshots) on the project done.

c) Scoolia is allowed to include in its customer portfolio projects in sub-contracting, in which case the customer, through the signing of this contract, granting Scoolia (lifting it from any liability arising from the publication) obtained from the original buyer of the authorization the publication of names and logos in the portfolio of customers Scoolia (websites, brochures, business ...).


a) Scoolia constantly updates their applications and implements all the techniques so that they are protected from cyber-attacks and intrusions (software update, protective side code, firewall, backup, and network monitoring service). Activities such as check of the application by companies outside intrusion and certification tests are not included in the offer and must be ordered and quoted separately.

b) The Customer undertakes to keep passwords that are provided confidential and to take all security policies necessary for the security and protection of sensitive data. Scoolia undertakes to treat the data received by the Customer solely for contractual purposes and not transfer them to third parties not related to the ordinary activities of the company and not to spread them. The personal data provided by the Customer or its representatives, or otherwise acquired as part of SCOOLIA, can be processed by SCOOLIA, in compliance with the aforementioned law, for the institutional purposes of the company, and in particular to comply with the contractually agreed service and any ancillary equipment required and comply with the obligations imposed by laws or regulations.

c) Providing data from the Customer and the subsequent treatment by SCOOLIA is strictly functional. Execution of the contract and failure to consent will prevent the execution of the contractual agreement. 

d) Scoolia and its partners are allowed to contact the Directors of the platform via E-Mail (For administrator shall mean any user with Administrator role and anyone who came in contact with Scoolia in relation to the platform itself including who has activated the service)

e) Any information collected by Scoolia - due largely to a specific individual - will be used solely in accordance with the procedures described above, and only for the purposes previously agreed - in accordance with what was, by law, the Customer has expressly given permission:

·Area Sign In User and private area

·Users Newsletter

·Proposal to content ad-hoc user

f) In handling this information, accuracy and precision are guaranteed in ensuringintegrity and quality of the process. In the event of any doubt or question, you can contact Scoolia directly through the contact form on the website www.scoolia.io

g) Scoolia uses, both on sites platforms, tracking systems such as statistics, cookies, action monitoring, reporting, and more.

h) The user can ask to remove their e-mail address from our records.

i) In case of a request for cancellation of the test platform the Scoolia staff will simply expire the platform in question.


a) This Agreement is governed and regulated by the Swedish law.

b) Any dispute between the parties relating to this contract shall be referred to the organism prior to conciliation at the Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm. In case of failure of conciliation, any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and breach of contract is subject to Swedish jurisdiction and reserved for the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Stockholm.

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