We are excited to announce that during week 6, we will start to roll out the first big update of this year to all our customers! The update includes optimized navigation, better mobile compatibilities, integrations and much more. 

1 - "Courses" becomes "Activities"

Let´s start off with one of the biggest changes in this update. For some time now we have seen how our customers are using the course module for so much more than just courses. It is used as a tool for on-boarding, questionnaires, micro training, a knowledge base, documentation and much more. As we have developed the module, it has grown to become a useful tool for a range of different activities.
That is why we now are renaming the module from 'Courses' to 'Activities' and giving it a suitable new icon.

- Same module, a more suitable name

Together with this change we are also renaming the "Studyline" to "Activity feed".

2 - Easier settings navigation

As we have added more and more possibilities such as system wide settings and new integrations it has been increasingly complicated to keep track of where to find what.
This is now fixed with a clear drop down menu that you will find under your profile picture in the top right corner. 

In the new menu you will find:
Account - Edit everything that has to do with your personal account
System settings - Edit system wide settings that will effect all users
Integrations - Manage your integrations

Note that this is the view that you will see as a System Admin. Regular Admins will not see System settings and Users will only see Account.

3 - Possibility to disable email notifications

It will now be possible for the System admin to turn off and on all email notifications in the system. The notifications are divided into two categories:

  • Account notifications (all notifications connected to when a new account is created)
  • Content notifications (all notifications connected to new activities, messages, etc)

4 - Shortcut icon for mobile devices

Use Scoolia, with all its features, no matter where you are! It is now possible for you and all your users to download a completely branded shortcut to the Home screen on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The shortcut will by default include your company name and logotype.

5 - New integrations

SAML 2.0

We are now compatible with SAML 2.0, for our enterprise customers who want to have a seamless experience accessing Scoolia that way. SAML 2.0 will be offered as an add on feature, contact us to get more information regarding this!


If you have a Vimeo account it will now be possible to connect that account to your Scoolia instance. When connected it will enable all users to upload videos to channels right from their computer or phone library.
(We recommend that you have a paid Vimeo plan without weekly upload limits if you want to use this integration)

6 - Other things included in the update

  • Former "Newsfeed" will now be renamed to "Open feed"
  • We will take away the feature Public comments. (Comments posted before the coming update will still be visible)
  • Admins that is added as co-owner will always get a notification
  • Possibility to create a new channel, directly from the channels page
  • Live-chat will be available for all roles in the system including Users 
  • General bug fixes

The update will be rolled out during February, week 6, 2020.

Feel free to contact us in the live-chat for more information!

// Scoolia team.

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