You've got it, they want to download it and watch it. Read this article for a guide to sharing raw game film from ScoreBreak to another coach via the ScoreBreak iPhone, iPad, and web applications.

Sharing the download portal link from iOS Applications (your iPad and iPhone)

Go into Game Admin for the game you would like to share. You can do this by going into the game itself, then selecting Admin  from the game's tab bar, or you can simply select the game label:

When you are in the Game Admin view, choose Film Download from the game access section, then create a public link for your game:

To share your film download portal link, simply tap the active cell to pull up your sharing options. We recommend sharing via email, because the other coach will most likely be picking up this link on his computer to download the film files.

ScoreBreak allows you the ability to turn off that link, or to create a new one, as you see fit.

Here is a video showing how to do this from the iPad:

Sharing the download portal link from the Web App

Go into Game Admin for the game you would like to share. You can do this by selecting the game label, then selecting Game Admin :

Switch to the Film  tab, then choose the Film Download Portal  button. 

From here, you can create a new sharable link.
If you would like to download your own raw game film in the future, you can select Open Download Portal without having to create a public link.

Select the Copy Link button, you will get a on-screen notification that your link has been successfully copied to your systems clipboard. This means that you can now paste your link into an email to share your game's film download portal!

In this interface, you also have the option of turning off the download link. Simply press the red Deactivate Link  button to cut off access.

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