Sharing a playlist with someone outside your organization is an important tool to have in your arsenal. If you would like to share a playlist you have created to an associate of yours, such as a fellow coach or mentor of yours, making the playlist public and sending the public playlist link will ensure that your team remains private and secure. Only those that have the link will be able to access your playlist, and you can deactivate the link at your discretion. Read on for instructions on how to make your playlist public and how to share the resulting public playlist link. 

The instructions below are for the iOS application. For more information on how to access public playlist links on the ScoreBreak web and Mac applications, contact ScoreBreak support.

  1. Enter your desired playlist’s settings screen by tapping the information i  icon, or by tapping the playlist name when in grid view. 
  2. Go into sharing section
  3. Create a link, then tap the link to share

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