Nudging functionality is currently only available on iPad and iPhone

Nudging is a tool that allows you to push or pull your film to match your statistics. Use the nudging feature if you are in a position where you have scored a game, and your clips are showing up too early (you don’t see the statistic occur, because all the clips are too early in the film), or too late (you may see the statistic occur, but the statistic occurs at the very start of the clip, and thus the clip is in the wrong location because you don’t get to see the play develop).

Nudging can also be used in a situation where game film was added to an incorrect, or non-registered, camera angle. For example, if you use a Canon G21 camera, but your film was added to the default `iPhone / iPad` camera angle, you can use nudging to align your stats to your imported film without having to delete the film and start over.

Watch this video to learn how to nudge your film to your statistics:


  1. Head to the game that needs to be nudged.
  2. Once in the game, head to the Admin section and find Game Film.
  3. Inside Game Film, select the camera angle you wish to adjust.
  4. Inside the Camera Angle view, select Nudge Film, located at the bottom of the window.
  5. The Nudging interface will be displayed with all goals from the game. The first goal will automatically be initialized.
  6. In the timeline of the nudging interface are two dots, yellow and white. To adjust the nudging time, move the yellow dot forward or backward to when the goal occurs.
  7. Once the nudging time is set, select Save.
  8. Once saved, the system reload your game. When back in the game, go to goals to see if the time is adjusted correctly.
  9. Repeat the steps if the time of the goal is not at the correct adjustment.

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