Clips that you create can be used to index a live event, like a scrimmage, game, or practice. Live tagging is similar to marking moments in a video file, however instead of tagging the film you can mark moments live.

Watch this video for the ins and outs on live tagging, then on read for more information!

ScoreBreak has two types of clips: recordable clips and droppable pins. Recordable clips allow you to set the “in” and the “out” time of your recording, while droppable pins allow you to pin a moment in time, defined by a “lead” and “lag” time (requiring you only take one action to drop a pin, vs. the two actions required to start, then end, a recordable clip).

Recordable clips are very useful for creating clips of prescribed events, like drills in a practice or the situation in a game. Recordable clips allow you to start your clip at the start of the event, maintain the recording for the duration of the event, then end the recording at the conclusion of the event.

Droppable pins should be used for creating clips of situations that are more “reactive” in nature. If you have ever noticed an event or situation occur in a game or practice that you wish to later review, a droppable pin can easily create a clip of this moment for you. When you create a droppable pin, you have the ability to adjust the lead and lag time for your clips. The duration of clips created by your droppable pin is defined by the sum of the lead and lag times: if you have a 12 second lead and 3 second lag, the clips that are created as a result of your droppable pin use will be 15 seconds in length. The lead time defines the number of seconds prior to your dropping the pin the clip will begin, and the lag time defines the number of seconds after.

Live tagging requires your event have the current date. If the event is in the future, or is listed with a date in the past, you will not have the ability to live tag.

With an event containing the present date, enter the game admin or event contextual menu. Select `Live Tagging`, then switch from the `Stats` tab to the `Clips` tab.

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