ScoreBreak is only available for download from the Mac App Store, thus making it a "Sandboxed" app. Sandboxing means that the app is "isolated" from the rest of the system, so that a single app is not able to do unjust harm to other parts of the system!

Sandboxed apps are not allowed to adjust other parts of your computers file system, instead, they are given their own folder (sandbox) in which to "play" in, this is called a "Container folder". Your Mac will create a Container folder for sandboxed apps, like ScoreBreak, that the sandboxed app can write into.

When a sandboxed app is deleted, the Container folder is not removed. To completely remove and reinstall ScoreBreak, it is necessary to delete the ScoreBreak Container folder as well, which is located with the home directories of other sandboxed apps at the ~/Library/Containers path of your Mac.

To delete this folder:

  1. Open a finder window,
  2. Select `Go` from the Mac menu bar,
  3. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard, the Library menu item will become visible, select it,
  4. Locate the Containers folder,
  5. Locate the ScoreBreak folder inside the Containers folder, it may be listed as io.scorebreak.macos.ScoreBreak or io.scorebreak.ios.ScoreBreak

Deleting this folder will reset all settings, sign you out, and delete all game film that has been downloaded or imported.

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