You can add a dynamic Security Overlay to your videos in order to deter users from using a video camera to capture your videos from a screen.

Preventing screen capture with video overlays

By default, Screenlight will not add an overlay to your videos. Adding one is very simple. Click the dropdown at the top right of the screen, click Account settings, click the Assets tab and scroll down to the bottom of the Video assets section. Now check the box beside Enable security overlay.

A dynamic overlay will be added to all videos that people view in Screenlight. The overlay will include the user's name, IP address, and the timestamp when they began viewing the video. If someone captures the screen and distributes a video, this information can help you track down who leaked the video.

This overlay will appear on all browsers except iPhones due to Apple's restrictions on adding an overlay overtop of full-screen video. That said, unless it's extremely valuable content, the likelihood of someone filming an iPhone in order to capture a video is less likely than a large screen.

If you are going to enable this feature, we would also recommend turning on video watermarks.

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