By default, people on your project team will receive an email notification each time someone adds a comment to a video.

You can turn these notifications off by going into a project, clicking the More button, and then clicking Notification preferences. This will bring up a list of notification options.

 Each time someone makes a comment, we'll send you a comment notification. You can turn off these notifications by unchecking the New comment notifications box. 

Each time a new asset ready for viewing, we'll send out a notification. You can turn off these notifications by unchecking the New asset notifications box. 

Common questions

Can you batch notifications?

We currently send a notification for each comment. We understand that this can be overwhelming when there is a lot of feedback. We plan to add intelligent comment batching shortly.  

Can I manage notifications in one place? 

Right now you have to set your notification preferences on each project. When we update the notification functionality, we'll add a central place where you can set your notification preferences for all projects. 

Can I set the notification preferences for another user? 

You cannot currently set the notification preferences for another user. We plan to add new functionality that will let Admins set notification preferences for other users. 

The notification settings are inactive or grayed out. 

If you're an Administrator, you won't be sent project notifications unless you are part of the project team. As such, the notification settings will be inactive. If you want to receive notifications, go into the project, click the More button, and click Manage project team

Once you've added yourself to the project team, return to the notification settings page to fine tune your settings. 

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