People who have permission to manage assets in Screenlight can move or copy videos and folders to projects that they are a part of.

To get started, go into the project or folder that contains the media you want to move or copy. Click the vertical ellipses at the bottom of the thumbnail.

This will bring up a list of actions that you can do.

Once you click move or copy, we will bring up a list of destinations. People can only move or copy files to projects that they are part of.

We'll display a confirmation as soon as the media has been moved or copied. This may take a couple of seconds when you are moving a folder that contains many folders and subfolders.

Details on move and copy behaviour


Copying a file or folder will essentially duplicate the media. We don't copy the comments or sharing links associated with the media.

You can create as many copies as you want and we'll only count the initial source file towards your storage usage.


Moving a file or folder will move all of the associated comments and links. If you move a file to a new folder or to a new project all of the existing links will still work and that you won't have to send your stakeholders a new link.

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