How To Order Content

The first step to receiving content on Scripted begins with Creating an Order. You will be required to provide some basic information about your job order (eg: content type, title, word count, focus keywords, etc) along with a Content Brief.

Once a project has been created, you should begin receiving Job Proposals within 24-48 hours. Inviting writers to your project is highly encouraged and it will speed up the process. When you begin receiving Proposals, it is your responsibility to review them before they expire.

Creating an Order

You can begin creating an order by locating one of the “Order Content” buttons located in the Scripted app. The first step in the process asks you to select a Content type. Along with each Content type option, you will find some notes that briefly describe each available type. Remember, your selection will have no bearing on the cost of the content; it only serves to provide additional context to Writers.

The next step in the process is providing the writers with basic demographic information about your order:

  • Title - If you don't have a specific title in mind, use this field to loosely describe your topic.

  • Word Count Preferences - Do you have a specific word count in mind? If not, don’t worry, writers will propose a word count for their jobs.

  • Quantity - Applicable only to social media posts and product descriptions. Otherwise, the quantity is assumed to be one (1).

  • Content Brief - This provides the context and scope for your project. It is the most important thing you can include to communicate to writers who are reviewing your project. For most project types we've already included a boilerplate content brief to get you started. The best projects on Scripted have great content briefs.

  • Writer Visibility - Here you can choose to make your order open to all writers on the platform to propose to or you can choose to keep it private and invite specific writers only.

When you’re done articulating the details of your project, click “Continue” and your first job order has been posted! Please note that if you selected Invite Only, you must invite some writers to propose jobs to your job order before proceeding.

Viewing Active Orders On The Dashboard

After finalizing your order, you’ll see the Orders you just created on your Dashboard and when you've received new submissions, click on the Order to begin Reviewing Proposals.

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