Your Project Details view includes several pieces of data for your Project. Among them is a list of Invited writers, but you'll note that your newly created Project won’t have any invited writers yet. We encourage you to directly invite writers to propose jobs to your Project. 

After creating a project, you'll be given the option to invite your Favorited Writers that you know, as well as some Recommended Writers you may not know. We'd also like to encourage you to Browse Scripted Writers to narrow your search for writers based on work experience and quality. Remember: If you selected Private Visibility, you’ll need to invite writers before you’ll begin receiving Proposals. 

Please note that even if you navigate away from the screen after creating a project, you can still invite Scripted Writers from the Browse Writers or Your Writers function on the left column of your dashboard. Simply click the green "Invite to Project" option and choose the project you'd like to invite them to.

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