Once you've received your first Draft, you'll have the ability to either immediately accept the Draft as it was submitted it or choose Request Revisions from the Writer. To begin, click the new draft on your dashboard under "Waiting For You" and then click "Start Reviewing"

Carefully review the content, ensuring that it meets your expectations and follows the Content Brief guidelines you provided the Writer. If you find a section that doesn't quite hit the mark, simply copy and paste it into the available space on the left, and detail a bit about how you'd like to see it changed in future drafts. When you've finished, be sure to click "Add Feedback".

You can do this as many times as you'd like while Requesting Revisions. Upon completing your Requests, click the green "Save and..." button and choose to Request Revisions.

After, you'll find the date of the next draft you can expect from your Writer on your dashboard. When you've received a final draft you're happy with, repeat the above, but this time,  click Save And... and choose "Accept". Congratulations, you're now ready to Promote and Publish your Job!

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